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Wallpaper Display - System 76 Sable Complete



This one is a treat for you took me forever just like the tutorial but I got it. This is a wallpaper resource for the first ever Ubuntu pre-installed all-in-one

Create and delivered by the wonderful people at System 76. The Sable Complete…

EDIT: Thanks for the comprehensive redesign of the vector resource by Michael Tunnell. Much Appreciated

I so want one..but alas I haven't the funding :( but here it is the real deal vector xD -> N.B. I found a way and now I own a Sable Complete :)

16:10 ration (1920 x 1800)

Thanks again to :iconmadeinkobaia: for the wood background.

Created in INKSCAPE 100%

The XCF and SVG Files are included. Have Fun
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Hey Golden Ribbon (btw your name is stored in the SVG might want to change that if you care)

I have improved the SVG which you can replace your upload with the new one if you'd like since it did come from you in the first place. :)

I renamed the layers so they were easier to use and I also separate the Logo and the Screen Reflection into separate layers for more control over the final results of whatever project.