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So a new year has rolled around again. I got many beautiful things last year, gifts from friends and family, memories from journeys, I read beautiful published and unpublished writing, and some new experiences. I also have met a collection of interesting people on several sites that I can treat at least as 'friendlies'. I don't really use general social media any more so these people and other sites are I guess my equivalent to Facebook friends, but instead of stalking 6 year old photos we have conversations about our views and experiences. ~If you have found me through one of the links I've dropped around the place, Hi!!

I had a lot of fun doing the book list last year. Okay, remembering to write stuff in was a hassle but reviewing the list is positive enough that it is an overall enjoyable experience. I'm sure I still missed some of the one shot stories from AO3 that I read but never wrote down. However going back over the list the titles they tug on the strings of my memories and I can retrace the journey of those stories. I have decided that I do want to do another book list, starting on the 25th Dec again, though I'll use a different format as the only thing more annoying than providing click-able links was having to type in all those numbers!!!! Again my list will include all sorts of things, and I will try not to be embarrassed about my selections (cause you know sometimes the stuff I read is weird with a capital W) but as no one commented on my list last year I felt encouraged enough that no one read the list so I could add some of the more .....mental? ones. With my confidence up, and a stronger sense of myself feel free to ask anything about what I read, I will not be shamed or apologise for expanding my mind through reading literature (and trash)! 

The list is in a sort of loose order of when I read them, but I have separated the published titles and the hyperlinked freely available titles. For a bit of structure/timeline, → denotes titles read after I read 'Lake Silence' by Anne Bishop (April 2018). ^^ denotes the beginning of my Meg Month Project, all books/stories listed after this symbol were read after August 1, 2018. 
If you decide to look one up please pay attention to any and all warnings/tags/descriptions you find, most are not child friendly! yet I was reading The Black Jewel Trilogy at 13, so you never really know what kids find friendly...

WIP means Work In Progress, or unfinished story. 
[AO3] stands for Archive Of Our Own, a website for writers to share their work, especially fan fictions.
* Not sure if these works should count as I was doing an art progression thing for a friend and most are oneshots, though I still read them.

  1. '27 Bones' Jonathan Nasaw
  2. 'The Lost Words' Robert Macfarlane, Jackie Morris
  3. 'Mysteries of the Unexplained' Reader's Digest Editors
  4. 'Whispers: The Secret History of the Spirit World' JH Brennan
  5. 'The Grey Widow-Maker: The true stories of twenty-four disasters at sea' Bernard Edwards
  6. 'In 27 Days' Alison Gervais (Book)
  7. 'In 27 Days' HonorInTheRain/Alison Gervais (Wattpad) 
  8. 'Detectograms and Other Puzzles' HA Ripley & F Gregory Hartswick
  9. 'Hana-kimi/Hanazakari no Kimitachi e' Hisaya Nakajo
  10. 'Mori no Koe' Naono Bohra*
  11. 'Dakishimetakunai' Naono Bohra*
  12. 'Harem Days' Naono Bohra*
  13. 'Circle' Naono Bohra*
  14. 'Ichido Dake no Uta' Naifu (Naono Bohra)*
  15. 'Fuan no Tane/Seeds of Anxiety' Masaaki Nakamura
  16. 'Fuan no Tane +' Masaaki Nakamura
  17. 'Kouishou Radio' Masaaki Nakamura
  18. 'Junjou de Wagamama na Kare' Hakka Kotori
  19. 'Kamakiri' Konami Shouko
  20. 'Motto Itte' Wata Nobu
  21. 'Osaerarenai' Wata Nobu
  22. 'Sugar Family' Hagio Akira
  23. 'F no Meikyuu/The Mystery of F' Hagio Akira
  24. 'Akuma no Puzzle' Hagio Akira
  25. 'Hatsuai' Fuduki Atsuyo
  26. 'Hatsukoi Yokochou' Mamahara Ellie
  27. 'CutexGuy' Tateno Mokoto
  28. 'Yankee-kun to Megane-chan' Miki Yoshikawa
  29. 'Slightly Tempted' Mary Balogh
  30. 'Slightly Sinful' Mary Balogh
  31. 'Slightly Dangerous' Mary Balogh
  32. 'The Murder Game' Beverly Barton
  33. 'Cold Hearted' Beverly Barton
  34. 'Close Enough To Kill' Beverly Barton
  35. 'The Fifth Victim' Beverly Barton
  36. 'Broken Hearts' Grace Monroe
  37. 'Sweetheart' Chelsea Cain
  38. 'Evil at Heart' Chelsea Cain
  39. 'MEG: Primal Waters' Steve Alten
  40. 'The Hatching' Ezekiel Boone
  41. 'Skitter' Ezekiel Boone
  42. 'Zero Day' Ezekiel Boone
  43. 'The Last Mile' David Baldacci
  44. 'Live Bait' P J Tracy
  45. 'The Perfect Husband' Lisa Gardner
  46. 'Cold Granite' Stuart MacBride
  47. 'Afraid' Jack Kilborn
  48. 'Criminal' Karin Slaughter
  49. 'Satan's Snowdrop' Guy N. Smith
  50. 'The Best Australian Yarns and other true stories' Jim Haynes
  51. 'Great Australian Working Dog Stories' Angela Goode, Mike Hayes
  52. → 'Lake Silence' Anne Bishop ♥
  53. 'Deadly Harvest' Heather Graham
  54. 'I Capture The Castle' Dodie Smith
  55. 'Winter Wolves' Earle Wescott
  56. 'Ashes' HR Howland
  57. 'Demon of the Air' Simon Levack
  58. 'Aristotle Detective' Margaret Doody
  59. 'The Queen's Gambit' Diane A.S. Stuckart (partial, I did skip many sections)
  60. 'The Dinosaur Feather' Sissel-Jo Gazan
  61. 'Stone Angel' Carol O'Connell
  62. 'How The Chicken Crossed The World' Andrew Lawler
  63. 'The Western Track' Arthur Bayldon
  64. 'The Bone Collector' Jeffery Deaver
  65. 'Vampire Hunter D, Pale Fallen Angel (parts one and two)' Hideyuki Kikuchi
  66. 'Raven' S.A. Swiniarski
  67. 'Death Medicine' Kat Goldring
  68. 'Nightfall' John Farris
  69. 'The Shift' George Foy (partial, I did skip many sections)
  70. 'The Broken Souls' Jack Kerley
  71. 'Equinox' Michael White
  72. 'Dream Catcher' SheHopes (Wattpad)
  73. 'Dreamscape' SheHopes (Wattpad)
  74. 'Dream Hunter' SheHopes (Wattpad)
  75. 'Short Horror Stories' Storyteller-swarnoxk (Wattpad)
  76. 'Various Horror Stories' mochielic (Wattpad)
  77. WIP 'Silver Wolf' queenlykos (Wattpad)
  78. WIP 'Matched' Katecakes (Wattpad)
  79. 'Selected' JennKayy16 (Wattpad)
  80. 'The Marking' Beautifullybrutal (Wattpad)
  81. WIP 'The Betrayal' Beautifullybrutal (Wattpad)
  82. 'The Accidental Exorcist' Joshua-Graham (Wattpad)
  83. 'The Land Of Hershel' flashhitter (Wattpad)
  84. 'The Aberration' BardConstantine (Wattpad) 
  85. 'Dark Delicacies II: Fear' edited by Del Howison, Jeff Gelb
  86. 'Marker' Robin Cook
  87. 'Toxin' Robin Cook
  88. 'Vector' Robin Cook
  89. ^^ 'MEG' Steve Alten
  90. ^^ 'The Trench' Steve Alten
  91. 'The Invisible Ring' Anne Bishop
  92. 'Daughter of the Blood' Anne Bishop
  93. 'Heir to the Shadows' Anne Bishop
  94. 'Dreams Made Flesh' Anne Bishop
  95. 'Queen of the Darkness' Anne Bishop
  96. 'Tangled Webs' Anne Bishop
  97. 'Twilight's Dawn' Anne Bishop
  98. 'The Shadow Queen' Anne Bishop
  99. 'Shalador's Lady' Anne Bishop
  100. 'The Killing Circle' Andrew Pyper
  101. 'The Passionate Princess' Barbara Cartland
  102. 'The Pavilion On The Links' Robert Louis Stevenson
  103. 'The Man And The Snake' Ambrose Bierce
  104. 'The Interlopers' Saki
  105. 'The Eyes' T.O. Beachcroft
  106. 'The Brazilian Cat' Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  107. 'The Wall' William Sansom
  108. 'The Beast With Five Fingers' William Fryer Harvey
  109. 'The Man In The Bell' W.E. Aytoun
  110. 'The Kill' Peter Fleming
  111. 'Nothing Lasts Forever' Sidney Sheldon
  112. A Case of Need' Michael Crichton
  113. 'The Sisterhood' Michael Palmer
  114. 'One Bloody Thing After Another' Jacob F. Field
  115. 'The Darkness' Ragnar Jonasson
  116. 'Sold to a Wolf Pack' MiaMeade (Wattpad)
  117. 'Saved by a Wolf Pack' MiaMeade (Wattpad)
  118. WIP 'Loved by a Wolf Pack' MiaMeade (Wattpad)
  119. 'Strange Yarns' JoshSaltzman (Wattpad)
  120. 'Consumed' SheHopes (Wattpad)
  121. 'Silent Attention' sheismoky (Wattpad)
  122. 'The Last-Minute Marriage' Marion Lennox
  123. 'Red Thunder Reckoning' Sylvie Kurtz
  124. 'Dip in the Pool' Roald Dahl
  125. 'Midnight Express' Alfred Noyes
  126. 'The Specialty of the House' Stanley Ellin
  127. 'An Occcurance at Owl Creek Bridge' Ambrose Bierce
  128. 'Blackout' John J. Nance
  129. 'Ancient Images' Ramsey Campbell
  130. 'The Death Collectors' Jack Kerley
  131. 'Skin Trade' Laurell K. Hamilton
  132. 'Dead by Midnight' Beverly Barton
  133. 'The Harper's Quine' Pat McIntosh
  134. 'Home Improvement, Undead Edition' Charlaine Harris & Toni L.P. Kelner (editors)
  135. 'Deadlight' Troy Barnes
  136. 'Revenge a woman's art' Kate Saunders (editor)
  137. 'Blueprint for Murder, An Inspector James Mystery' Roger Bax
  138. WIP 'A Truly Desperate Heart' lady__sansa_stark [AO3]
  139. WIP 'Tyndyr, Petyr, Adman, Lies' Ophelia_Raine [AO3]
  140. 'Darkness and Light' redcandle17 [AO3]
  141. 'Something Real' redcandle17 [AO3]
  142. 'Ulterior Motives' redcandle17 [AO3]
  143. 'Wifed' redcandle17 [AO3]
  144. WIP 'Dadhood' redcandle17 [AO3]
  145. 'Together' redcandle17 [AO3]
  146. 'Caution/Distrust' redcandle17 [AO3]
  147. 'Choose' redcandle17 [AO3]
  148. 'Her War Boy' redcandle17 [AO3]
  149. 'A Lovely Day' redcandle17 [AO3]
  150. 'Mutual' redcandle17 [AO3]
  151. 'Burnt Toast' FancyLadySnackCakes [AO3]
  152. 'A Favor For A Friend' redcandle17 [AO3]
  153. 'Revved Up' redcandle17 [AO3]
  154. 'In Vino Veritas' redcandle17 [AO3]
  155. 'Carpe Diem' redcandle17 [AO3]
  156. 'His Return' GGHalcyon (gqepicentre) [AO3]
  157. 'Tickled' redcandle17 [AO3]
  158. 'The Holidays' redcandle17 [AO3]
  159. 'Lizard Love' redcandle17 [AO3]
  160. WIP 'Lizards are Delicious ' FancyLadySnackCakes [AO3]
  161. 'On The Road' FancyLadySnackCakes [AO3]
  162. 'Fire ' LookingForDroids [AO3]
  163. WIP 'A Toast to the Future'  juliettdelta [AO3]
  164. WIP 'Get Around' Seconds2Silence [AO3]
  165. WIP 'Traditions and Chances' Phyrewulf16 [AO3]
  166. WIP 'Shedding' B_Kilroy [AO3]
  167. WIP 'Stranger Things'  PrinceNux [AO3]
  168. 'Apostate' LookingForDroids [AO3]
  169. 'Downpour' svecounia [AO3]
  170. 'First Impressions' bending_sickle [AO3]
  171. 'A Small Theft' bending_sickle [AO3]
  172. 'Brotherhood' secretagentstarchild [AO3]
  173. WIP 'Survival Mode' SingleWhiteCatLady [AO3]
  174. 'Slit x Boot ' eag [AO3]
  175. 'The Real Thing' Tyellas [AO3]
  176. 'Loyalty' Jadedphase [AO3]
  177. 'Three Letters ' Divinium [AO3]
  178. 'Bottled Glory' squeezedoutofmiracles [AO3]
  179. 'Night Fevers' WillowScarlett [AO3]
  180. 'Fighting Fit' sinspiration [AO3]
  181. 'Gonna Be Just Like You' xenowhore [AO3]
  182. 'Shenanigans' babymocha [AO3]
  183. 'The Mad Maxlycrumb Tinies' bookwyrm [AO3]
  184. 'The Afterlife of War Boys' lewdcifer [AO3]
  185. WIP 'Mandatory therapy' Amaritzi [AO3]
  186. WIP 'I.D.' Valkyrien [AO3]
  187. → 'El Rey By The Dashboard Light' sharkygal [AO3]
  188. 'the one thing in which I find solace' almostannette, gothyringwald [AO3]
  189. 'that’s the way the cookie crumbles' burgundians [AO3]
  190. WIP 'The Walls You Build Yourself ' by Anonymous [AO3]
  191. 'To Ballast a Mockingbird' lady__sansa_stark [AO3]
  192. 'The First Day of Spring' Yavannie [AO3]
  193. WIP 'We Think Caged Birds Sing, When Indeed They Cry' ValkyrieM [AO3]
  194. 'Serena' TaraethysHolmes [AO3]
  195. 'Ofaegon' Sookiestark [AO3]
  196. 'Tales of the Handmaids' sweetpoison [AO3]
  197. 'Of the Sun and the Stars' Arctic_comet [AO3]
  198. 'Like The Trembling Heart of a Captive Bird' LSquared80 [AO3]
  199. 'Delicate' thismidnight [AO3]
  200. 'Podcasts and Meal Boxes' crystalkei [AO3]
  201. 'Victory' icandrawamoth [AO3]
  202. 'A Rainy Day' kethni [AO3]
  203. 'i found a little plot of land in the garden of eden' allbridgesburn [AO3]
  204. WIP 'The Painter's Tale' writeyouin [AO3]
  205. 'Needed' crystalkei [AO3]
  206. 'Relics' singswithtrees [AO3]
  207. 'Bad Guys' Cousin Shelley [AO3]
  208. 'Losing Her Illusions' mravensblood [AO3]
  209. WIP 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend' blown_transistor [AO3]
  210. 'And finally there is light' Joliepolska [AO3]
  211. 'Sunrise' ghostofachancewithyou [AO3]
  212. 'Eating Alone Is as Dull as Loving Alone' ghostofachancewithyou [AO3]
  213. 'All His.' OhBelieveYouMe [AO3]
  214. 'Platonic relationship' kjs_s [AO3]
  215. 'With a heartbeat' madswritings [AO3]
  216. 'Your Secret Admirer' OhBelieveYouMe [AO3]
  217. 'Sixty Minutes' raulism [AO3]
  218. 'Peacock' RockWithItWriting [AO3]
  219. 'Nothing Has To Happen' frillions [AO3]
  220. 'The Pessimist' notmyyacht [AO3]
  221. 'J is for Jellyfish' notmyyacht [AO3]
  222. 'Goodbye, Frederick' SebastianM [AO3]
  223. 'Demons' BardsAmbrosia [AO3]
  224. WIP 'Nice rain' DailyLife [AO3]
  225. 'Terms and Conditions' frillions [AO3]
  226. 'Sexy Creeps' frillions [AO3]
  227. 'Monitor' orphan_account/Abandoned Work [AO3]
  228. 'What Are Friends For?' orphan_account/Abandoned Work [AO3]
  229. 'Breaking' orphan_account/Abandoned Work [AO3]
  230. 'Prelude' PhePhePhe [AO3]
  231. 'Sunrise' orphan_account/Abandoned Work [AO3]
  232. ^^ 'Ginger Snapped' Kount_Xero [AO3]
  233. 'Cherry' anenko [AO3]
  234. 'Pretty on the Inside' Nightlore [AO3]
  235. 'Out of Love' colorofakiss [AO3]
  236. 'Aconitum napellus' thewindupbird [AO3]
  237. 'The Scientific Names of Plants' thewindupbird [AO3]
  238. 'Knotted' Northlight (anenko) [AO3]
  239. 'Ginger Ale' ArcticWolvesInLove [AO3]
  240. 'your heart taking root in your body' TolkienGirl [AO3]
  241. 'Untitled' lanthano (epilanthanomai) [AO3]
  242. 'Before' koanju (verstehen) [AO3]
  243. 'and we will live happily ever after' hl (hele) [AO3]


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Missmochigirl Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi!! just wanted to tell you that your photos are absolutely amazing!! you have serious talent there. And thanks for adding my fic to your list ahahah I'm glad you liked it despite my poor english... I'm surprised that you didn't add 'Gods and Monsters' though, it's a very good one, and pretty popular too. I'm sad because it's been a year already since fbawtft and some people hadn't updated their fics in so long and they probably never would... by the way I'm reading 'the thinning AU' in ao3 and i think you should read it too, since the author is updating it still he deserves some recognition, his story is awesome, please read it!!
sorry for spamming you like this!! bye!
Golden-Penguin Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2017
thanks for the compliment on my photos, though I do say mother nature takes like 80% of the credit! 

Strangely enough I haven't read 'Gods and Monsters', I did look over the Thinning AU but then I have never seen the Thinning movie so I would feel a little lost. I do have a private list of all the ones I have liked, I am very tempted to add them all to my list as no one seems to be paying much attention to it so I don't think it would be too weird if I slipped in works like 'eat your shame' and AO3 has noticeable warnings. I am glad there is a long gap between movies just so I have lots of time to revel in the Gradence. The new movie I think will shrink the fandom as Graves won't be there Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1] so the focus will move elsewhere. I might have to go get the movie The Thinning and watch it just so I can support the fic, continuing authors need support! which is probably why I suck up so much to intravenusann whenever they post something, and also the reason why I am basically profile stalking hardeight waiting for them to come online so I can bug them about finishing 'Here I Am'. I could talk about this all day! 
casdora-de-arte Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
Thank you for faving it!..... I mean my orchid!
Golden-Penguin Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
I love orchids Love 
....but now I a jealous. I haven't seen one with that depth of colour in real life outside of shows, and certainly not for sale 
casdora-de-arte Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
I see...Oh I received it as a gift!
Golden-Penguin Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
That is a very good gift! About half of my orchids were gifts too. Now everyone knows I like them I keep getting them! 
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Little-Caracal Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave!^^
Saphia-Xeno Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Golden-Penguin Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2016
I have to to see when the next cuute comission pops up :D
Saphia-Xeno Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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