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Avatar Facebook Water Part 1

Have any questions about this series? Please check out my brand new... Q&A: Avatar Facebook!! :D :D :D


:new:Edit #2 (Jan 30, 2011):new: This series is now finished! :D I've been getting WAY too many people sending joke concept comments or things like "omg y didnt u put dis part inn?!?!?!11one1?!". Please, if you send a comment, DON'T send one like this! The series is done and I'm not adding to it, taking things out or changing things. I'm happy with it the way it is and if you're not, you don't have to read it! This goes for all of these Avatar Facebooks that I have done. Please and thank you! :)

| Water Part 1 | Water Part 2 | Water Part 3 | Earth Part 1 | Earth Part 2 | Earth Part 3 | Fire Part 1 | Fire Part 2 | Fire Part 3 |

Sorry for the ginormous file! I decided to break "Book 1: Water" into two files so it wouldn't be as huge as initially planned, so get ready for the rest of the Water chapter once I finish it! It may be a while as I spent all of today making this when in reality I SHOULD have been studying for my midterms! :P

This was inspired by =julvett's Maurader's Facebook Timeline, who was, in turn, inspired by who is luv. :heart:

I borrowed a lot of artwork here and I am giving all credit where it is due below! If you see your artwork here and don't want me to use it, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW AND I WILL REPLACE IT ASAP!!

And yes, all misspellings (especially by Sokka) are on purpose. :D

| Katara by ~klar | Aang by ~creates | Sokka by ~Wolfrun | Zuko by *rufftoon | Zhao by ~foxysquid | Iroh by ~rasenth | Haru by *HiddenGems | Suki by *imDRUNKonTEA | Bumi by =Pretty-Angel | Foaming Mouth Guy by *rufftoon | Jet by *Lord-Of-The-Guns |

Facebook (c) Whoever owns it??

Avatar: The Last Airbender (c) Mike and Bryan :heart:, Nickelodeon and Viacom
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is it bad the only thing i laughed at was Bumi likes popsicles?
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Whoever did this is a genius
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That would be me. :)  So thanks!
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do a deviant art veirsion
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this is so cool
ErlkoeniginCosplay's avatar
DAMN! That´s just too funny!
My favorite part ist "Zuko became a fan of honor. "
Hahaha, GREAT!
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It makes so much sense now! Zuko is following/creepily stalking Aang through Facebook!
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I just noticed... Aang became friends with Roku on my birthday! :D
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Best parts; Zuko has become a fan of Honor, Sokka and the "Spit World" and Zuko's last two comments. But fav is totally Zuko's "HOOONNNNNNOOOOOOOOORRRRRR!!!!!!!!!"
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Best. Thing. Ever.
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This is so funny! Will you be doing a Korra version? : )
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For the answer to that, please check my FAQ page, the link of which is in the artist's comments on every page. ;P
Vox-Hitomi's avatar
Sorry 'bout that, didn't see the link you see.
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Everything was just FANTASTIC, and then the end when Zhao hacked Zuko XD *dying*
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Il ike very very much! Really gooooood job with your friends ><. I love troll Hiro ><: "I lost my lotus tile :(" and 'Hiro become fan of tea' XD troll character ^^.
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