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Happy Halloween 2009


Well GREEN, Osiris was also BALD and had no genitalia because a FISH ate them; you don't seem to care about THAT.

Who else wants Lynnah's hat now?

I think I've found a faster-- a MUCH faster shading method. :3 This makes me happy.

For you who know not who these be: [link]
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Methinks it would be "nonauthentic", but who cares? Green's such a goofball.
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EEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEE!! I loves this!! But don't you mean UNauthentic? I don't know... thats the only thing that bothers me about this one...
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If "inauthentic" was incorrect, Ted probably would have corrected me. But then, he didn't correct me about "unauthentic" when the precomic said THAT, so I don't know. (The Firefox spellcheck also says neither is wrong.)

In any case, Green says what he wants. XD
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This is true! Green does what he WANTS.
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i love Lettes outfit XD afterall she dose seem like Kaiba with boobies XD and it could be awfuly tempting to pull a loose bandage off of Green XD
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Oh gosh, the different ways this comic almost ended up going, with jokes about those bandages. :3 (In one, Robbie fainted-- in another.... well, he did something different, that's all I'm saying.)

Lette loves your assessment of her. XD
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i ould have loved t see the reason as to why he fainted XD it sounds funny...

and shes welcome ^3^
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-passes out on the floor-

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(applies smelling salts)

Glad you liked it. :3
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I want Lynnah's hat! Lette's costume is made of win. xD And ffff, Green, you silly alien, you.

Happy Halloween!
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X3 Thanks! Hope you had a good one.
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