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Arguing with the Idol



Some things seem impossible… until you try them. Some things seem unbreakable… until you break them. Some things seem unassailable… until someone has the guts to argue with them.

Of course, arguing with religious idols is a dangerous business, and requires wit, cunning, monumental self-assurance, and just the right amount of dumb luck.

And it is something Professor Odd does on a semi-regular basis.

Some fun with colored pencils doing light and colors and nebulae. Not sure where this fits in with the Odd timeline, or even who won… but my money is on the little character in the green trenchcoat.

8.25"x12" Prismacolor pencil on illustration paper. The March illustration for my Black Book Project, this appears on page 127 of my Black Book.
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What I like best about Rondie landscapes is the depth and scope. I've mentioned this before right? Well, the one doing the arguing is tiny, but still significant. The landspae is alos just really cool cooling