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I am not an Iranian… and im not a pressident or a very important social personage … im just another single person in the world… but still i can SEE! … I read the news… and i know that somewhere far from where I live… normal people, like you and me, are fighting for their human rights…  they get kicked, stabbed, and shot… and still stand to rally for freedom and justice and democracy… reading the news makes me happy and sad: happy because I see these values still exist… that people are willing to take bullet but stand for their rights… happy because I see they are HUMANs as everyone should be… and sad because I see the injustice and violence against them… I can’t do much… but I want to start off this contest in support of all Iranians who are fighting for their human rights…
To participate in this contest simply produce your art in any style that you prefer. The topic must have to do with the protests in Iran and in regards to democracy, election, freedom of speech, and strengths of people to stand and defend their rights. Just to hint, as you may see from news, the symbolic colour of this Iranian movement is Green, so you could use it as one of your main colours.
Remember to start the title of your art with “Support Iran:” for example:
Support Iran: Green Hands
                      Support Iran: green hands by GoldDragonfly

I wanna encourage everyone to support this, so thats why i will give the prizes myself…. And i will be judging as well:

1st Place: 1 year subscripción to deviantART
2nd and 3rd Place: 3 months subscripción to deviantART

The contest will begin today 18 of June and it finish in two weeks, the 2nd of July at 00:00 Teheran time.

It will be made as well a video with all the entries and it will be uploaded  in youtube linking the main page of the contest.

Note me with your entry and your permission to add it to the video if you want your image there.

I should also mention that one of the inspirations of this contest was the forum made by The Pirate Bay ( .

Since the Iranian government is restricting and blocking the comunications of the whole country, youtube, facebook twitter and other sites are becoming the oly way of comunication… and showing the world whats happening there…

You can see videos of people rallying and protesting from YouTube:…;
and also in Flickr:…;

Please fav or link this news on your jornal to help to spread the word.

Thanks for your support

                             APOYO A IRAN

Yo no soy iraní..  No soy presidente … ni soy un importante personaje social… solo soy una persona más en el mundo … pero todavía VEO! … leo las noticias … y se que  en algún lugar,  lejos de donde yo vivo , gente normal como cualquiera de nosotros, está peleando por sus derechos humanos, les pegan y les disparan por este motivo, pero todavía  mantienen  su lucha por la libertad, la justicia y la democracia …
Leer las noticias me produce sentimientos encontrados … me alegra saber que estos valores todavía existen, que las personas están dispuestas a tomar partido y luchar por sus derechos …
Feliz por que veo que son HUMANOs como cada uno de nosotros debería ser considerado ….
Y triste por que veo la injusticia y la violencia contra ellos …
Yo no puedo hacer mucho,  pero quiero empezar este concurso en apoyo a todos los  Iraníes que están luchando por sus derechos humanos …
Para participar simplemente crea tu arte,  cualquiera que sea tu  estilo. El tema debe tener que ver con las protestas en Iran, la democracia,  la libertad de expresión y la fortaleza de la gente por mantener y defender sus derechos.

Solo apuntar  que como veréis en las noticias, el color simbólico de este movimiento es el verde,  así que podéis utilizarlo como color principal.

Recordad que debéis comenzar el título de vuestra pieza con las palabras “Apoyo a Iran”  como en el ejemplo siguiente:
                  Apoyo a Iran: Manos Verdes
                    Apoyo a iran: manos verdes by GoldDragonfly

Me gustaría animar a todo el mundo a apoyar esta causa, así que por eso los premios de este concurso los aportaré yo misma, por tanto también decidiré los ganadores al final.

1º Plaza: una suscripción anual a deviantART
2º y 3º Plazas: 3 meses de suscripción a deviantART

Este concurso comenzará hoy 18 de Junio y finalizará en 2 semanas el 2 de julio a las 00.00 hora de Teheran

También se realizará un video con todas las entradas y se colgará en Youtube enlazando la página principal del concurso.

Enviadme una nota con vuestra entrada  y vuestro permiso para añadirla en el vídeo si queréis que sea incorporada.

Debería también mencionar  que una de las inspiraciones de este concurso ha sido el foro creado por la página web  “The Pirate Bay” (

Ya que el gobierno iraní esta restringiendo y bloqueando las comunicaciones de todo el país, youtube, facebook, twiter y otras páginas web se están convirtiendo  en la única vía de enseñar al mundo lo que está sucediendo allí …
Podéis ver vídeos de las protestas en youtube:…;
Y también imágenes en Flickr:…;
Por favor, añade esta noticia a tus favoritos o a tu “journal” para ayudar a que llegue al mayor número de gente posible.

Gracias por vuestro apoyo
© 2009 - 2020 GoldDragonfly
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support iran and mir hossein!
:rose: :rose: :rose:

thank you my friend.
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i read this 2 late, but i wanna say THANK YOU!
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katiejo911Hobbyist General Artist
Dang, wish I'd seen this sooner. I'd have entered the one I sent you.
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ticklemeimsexyStudent Photographer
Thanks for supporting the people in IRAN!!!
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Nice shot and thanks for sharing ... I changed my facebook photo to this one.
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IZADBANU Photographer
i wanted to praticipate...:(
can u hold anoher contest??
and thank u sooooo much for your support!
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Birisi6thStudent Traditional Artist
We are GREEN __ We are populous __ We are together __ We can do it

_________ V ________
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thank u so much for your support
these are my work about my country you can use theme every where you want.
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put these two works of mine too
just for support not contest anymore:D
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ahmadhafiz Digital Artist
I'm not from Iran but I love Ayatollah Khomeini, who was successful in the Islamic Revolution. Sadly, many Muslims don't realise the importance of this event, just like the event of Karballah. Imam Hussein was martyred but many Muslims don't even know about this event. How can we uphold the religion of Islam if you are influenced by the Westerners?? Wake up.
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proamaProfessional Digital Artist
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plz plz dont even talk about islamic revolution if ur not iranian and for ur information the person who iranians are now supporting and was the real winner of the election ,who is now standing up for a free iran was khomeyni s prime minister and very close to him!
and if looking for our rights and asking to stop violence against people and not wasting our money on terorrism all around the world is being ''influenced by weterners'' i m very proud to say w r influenced by them!
i suppose u also need to know that it was not ayotolah khomeyni who succeded in revolution it was iranian people who did it!
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thXX for the support,u cant imagine how much it means to us
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galagoolaProfessional Interface Designer
thx for your support
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AvinarProfessional Digital Artist
as a persian i would like to thank you for your support.
may God bless you all
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I'm Iranian and one thing I can say is that Green stands for support of Mousavi >.> I'm with the King Shah's side but still I thank you for this!
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thanks, thanks, and thanks for your support :hug:
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please include me to your noble cause
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with pleasure :heart:
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I'm persian and just want to let you know how much we appreciate what you guys are doing ... When we see that lots of people from all around the world still cares about us It really gives us hope to keep fighting ...

There are just some videos that maybe help who wants to join this contest , I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU ALL WATCH THIS CLIPS . Thank you .




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im glad it helps somehow, you guys are really brave... you can be sure that you are getting the admiration of many people in the world...
keep toguether! and please keep sharing all the information you can :peace:
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