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May 15, 2009
Dragon Brushes by =GoldDragonfly is an excellent set of brushes, which were made from the artist's own drawings. I downloaded the brushes to check them out and ended up playing around with them for quite a while. Thanks for sharing.
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Dragon Brushes



6 Dragon face brushes, feel completly free to use them anyway, make them bigger or smaller, rotate the angle, add stuff or anything you want,
just 2 conditions:
1-Be creativeeeeeeee!! x)
2- feature this page on your drawing if you submit it anywhere.
I have drawn many Dragons to make this brushes, and i hope you find them usefull.

About the brushes, im too lazy to explain how to add them on your photoshop so i will link you where someone smarter than me explains it great xD [link]

MERMAID Brushes: [link]

Enjoyyyy!!! ^^

EDIT: FIXED! ok now the file is less than 1Mb ;)

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