Halloween Challenge 2018

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Another year and another 31 Obscure Monsters Halloween Challenge, the second year we have done this. Lets hear it for the artists who took time to do this year challenge,  Ravenpuff who quick reminder was the one who give me the idea for this in the first place, @Flajingman and his comics, @CyberKaku and his monster girls, and new comer @MisterMech. Go check out there great work if you haven't already. Here a quick simple of their work!

<da:thumb id="767445174"/>
From Ravenpuff we got funny little creature, not very myth accurate but feel it gets the spirit across of this monster.

Baby Daddy by Flajingman

From Flajingman we have this funny comic about the parent child relationship of lovecraftian horrors.

Mature Content

Nug by CyberKaku

From CyberKaku we have this bizarre lovecraft gal ready to hit the town.

Mature Content

Obscure Monster Challenge-19 by MisterMech

from MisterMech we have this dancing duo when a new view that makes sense of these fairy folk.

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