The Overlord Guide To Heroes: Onomancer

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Is there a wizard in the hero group who seems weirdly obsessive with grammar and punctuation? Does cast their spells just by speaking some strange sounding language? Then it seems my young butcher of the innocent that are you dealing with an onomancer, an extremely obnoxious spellcaster even by their high standers.

Onomancers are linguists who have learn one or more magical languages, or at least enough of it to speak a few phases of it. By speaking a phase of this language perfectly, and I due mean perfectly, they can cause something magical to happen as if they had just cast a spell normally. But unlike normal spells they can keep casting spells as long as they are able to speak! This means that as long as they don’t sore throat there are no limited to how many spells they can cast, so I think you can see the problem with fighting one of these nerds.

Luckily for overlords everywhere they are also one of the easiest spellcasters to deal with. Like said earlier they have to say their phases perfectly otherwise they won’t work, come out a lot weaker, or even backfire on the obnoxious onomancer. So you know just fill a room with smoke while they are in it and then send in a big guy with a gas mask and club, and problem solved.

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