The Overlord Guide To Heroes: Mudlark

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I normally tell young overlords only about hero classes, but all overlords do need to know how to deal with other classes as well as heroes will use them to try and end you. That is why we are talking about the mudlark, a class that is not a hero in anyway whatsoever.

Now you probably seen a mudlark without realizing what they are, they are the poor peasants other poor peasants think are poor. That is because mudlarks spends most of their time going though mud, muck, and sewage in other to find something, anything they can sell or eat. Why do they do this? It is either because society has fell them at every level and this is their only source of income, or because you keep burning down their towns and feeding their people to your monsters. Either way, no one ever wants to be a mudlark.

So, what do can they do? Not much, that is why they are mudlarks in the first place. Their only skill is that they are good at finding things in the muck and sewage they spend their time in, and that they are resistance to all kinds of diseases and parasites. Simply because they either become resistance to those things or they die. So how do I deal with them? That not much of issue, any of your minions or monsters could easiest kill a mudlark, just make sure that any wounds they get from a mudlark is disinfected no matter how minor it is, Mudlarks keep their weapons as dirty as they keep themselves, so infection is big problem and many warriors have die just from getting a paper cut from a mudlark weapon. Also don’t let your monsters eat a mudlark, they will get food poisoning. What kind of weapons do they use? Any broken weapon they can find or make, and they are never good with them.

If they are so useless then why should I bother with them at? For two reasons, numbers, and because heroes will know you and yours will probably just ignore them. It very common for heroes to gather a quick army of mudlarks to use as meat shields and canon fodder. As for the second reason it isn’t unheard of for a group of heroes bring a mudlark alone to do the dirty work they don’t want to do or do use as a back up escape plan. Knowing that your minions won’t bother with just one mudlark they will get them to pick up things or push buttons while they are busying fighting. Okay so how do I deal with them? Easy just make sure your minions are told to kill anyone with the heroes and keep the mudlark numbers down. Which you could do either by putting social programs in place to stop the kind of poverty that causes people to become mudlarks in the first place, or you could just kill them. Either way works really.

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