The Overlord Guide To Heroes: Bestiarius

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Do you see a warrior who seems to be wearing a lot of animal parts mix in with their armor and weapons almost the heroes? Well that my junior overlords is probably a bestiarius and not a warrior. What is the difference?

Simple, a warrior is train to fight mostly people as well as other things, while a bestiarius is train to fight animals, and only animals. The key word there being fight as bestiarii (plural form) are normally poor hunters, trackers, and trappers. However, they do make animal trainers, yet for some reason they never fight using any of the animals they trained for reasons I haver never understood. Now at this point you are probably wondering what good it is to train someone to just fight animals without training them into how to find them, and if you can come up with answer to that please let me know because I don’t have one. With that said they are very good at fighting animals at least, which surprising because that is all they are train to do.

Okay, so sending animals and animal like monsters after them would be a bad idea, so how do I kill them? You no doubt asking right now, and there are two answers to this. First you could send out people, while the animal fighting can help against people it just isn’t as good as being train to fight people. The second is you could send out animal spirits to do the job, and yeah, I know animal spirits are normally just something druids and other hippies deal with, not overlords. But animal spirits hate these guys and bestiarius are normally terrible at fighting them, so there that. One final note about these fools is that druids hate them, so if a bestiarius is on the team that means there is no druid with them for the two classes will never work together willingly.

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