The Overlord Guide To Heroes: Anchorite

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An anchorite is one of those background heroes you will never see, and in their case, it is because they are locked up in a tiny room for the rest of their life. What? Why are they locked up and how could they be a problem to me and my plans? Is what you are more than likely wondering my young overlord friend, and the answer is because they spend every single day doing nothing but holy rituals.

You see anchorites were once priests or other holy classes in training but for one reason or another decided to become an anchorite instead. And no, I can’t be clearer than that because for the life of me I have no idea why anyone would ever want to be an anchorite. After they make this poor decision, they are than train in special prays and meditate rituals sacred to their religion, while a special room is being made just for them in some church, temple, sacred land, or maybe even a castle of some kind. When they have finish learning the rituals they are taken to this special room, and then seal up forever with their only link the outside being a hole where they get their food, water, and anything needed for their rituals for, also this hole is where they will empty their chamber pots from.

Why do this? Because the holy rituals they do every waking minute will bless the lands and buildings they are lock up with holy power. Keeping monsters, evil spirits, and dark magic out or sometimes trapping them with the land. More than one carless overlord has woken up morning and found themselves within their own dungeons forever. Just because on or more anchorites has been place on their property. And I don’t think I need to explain how attacking place with one these lock way is hard to do when your monsters armies can’t set clawed foot within.

Big deal, I’ll just wait till they die, and problem solved. Is what you’re probably thinking right now, only problem is that won’t work. You see the more holy rituals an anchorite does the more it changes them, taking away their need to sleep, eat, drink, breath, move, and even think. Slowly turning them into nothing more but a statue made of living sacred stone, crystal, or metal that can do nothing do the holy pray and meditate rituals over and over forever. Because only things they can even remember how to do at that point.

Okay so how do you beat them? Your best bet is to kill them while they’re in training by send out your minions and monsters. If it is too late for that than all you can do is hired some guy with no magic at all to take a few non-magical bombs over to where the anchorite is to blow them up. Yes, it has to be none magical because the holy rituals they do may stop any magic you used to try and kill them, and yeah other heroes may step in to stop the bombs but frankly this is your best bet here.

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