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Welcome to the 31-obscure monster Halloween challenge, where I have listed one obscure monster for every day of October for any artist or writer who wish to join this challenge to make some form of art, story, and comic about them, one piece for each monster on their day. Think of it as way to show some love to lesser known monsters. Just remember to use the tag “31 obscure monster Halloween challenge” so we can know that you are joining in, and also have fun.

1. Name: Vampire Watermelons
Origin: Balkan folklore
Description: Normal watermelons that bleed blood
Behavior: Roll around going Brr Brr as they try and normally fail to drink human blood
Powers: They can move on their own, which for a watermelon is something

2. Name: Hati
Origin: Norse Mythology
Description: A giant wolf
Behavior: Said that he will eat the moon during Ragnarok
Powers: A giant flying moon eating wolf

3. Name: Sidehill Gouger
Origin: Fearsome Critters
Description: A strange looking mammal with legs on one of its body being shorter than the other so it can walk on hills
Behavior: They eat, lay eggs and sometimes mate with cows all while walking with their short side uphill and their long side down hill.
Powers: None

4. Name: Carcolh
Origin: Gascon Folklore
Description: Giant slimy dragon snail with seven hairy tentacles
Behavior: Eats people
Powers: It is a dragon snail with tentacles, I think you can guess what its powers are

5. Name: Glasya-Labolas
Origin: judeo christian
Description: Dog with griffon wings, tiny horns, and crazy eyes
Behavior: A demon president of hell, loves killing
Powers: Makes people fall in love, knowns all science, sees the past and future, makes people murder others, turns people invisible  

6. Name: Colt Pixie
Origin: English Folklore
Description: It looks like what it sounds like
Behavior: It is a fairy horse, take a guess what it acts like
Powers: You know full well just by the name what it can do.

7. Name: Cthylla
Origin: Lovecraft Myth
Description: A red octopus with tiny wings and multiple eyes
Behavior: Is Cthulhu daughter, take a guess
Powers: If Cthulhu dies she will give birth him, yes she will birth her father

8. Name: Quinotaur
Origin: French Myth
Description: Five horn bull with fish like features
Behavior: Bull like
Powers: Lives under water and on land

9. Name: Lamashtu
Origin: Mesopotamian Mythology
Description: A hairy woman body, a lioness' head with donkey's teeth and ears, long fingers and fingernails, and the feet of a bird with sharp talons.
Behavior: Evil goddess
Powers: Powers over child birth

10. Name: Haizum
Origin: Islamic Tradition
Description: Flaming pegasus angel
Powers: Was the archangel Gabriel’s mount.
Behavior: Service those with god blessing

11. Name: Nug
Origin: Lovecraft Myth
Description: Weird looking space face with tentacles and many eyes, that the best I got
Behavior: This Cthulhu’s daddy and the creator of ghouls
Powers: I repeat he is the father of Cthulhu and the creator of ghouls

12. Name: Monoceros
Origin: Medieval Myth
Description: Unicorn with elephant feet, and the tail of a pig.
Powers: Could not be capture alive
Behavior: Wild horse like

13. Name: Panotioi
Origin: Greek Myth
Description: Humans with huge ears
Behavior:  Were like humans except for their huge ears
Powers: Could use their huge ears as wings to fly

14. Name: Peri
Origin: Persian Myth
Description: Beautiful angels
Behavior: Prankers, while also trying to atone so they can get into paradise
Powers: Same as angels

15. Name: Aziza
Origin: Dahomey Myth
Description: Small hairy people often with one leg that live in anthills
Behavior: Helps hunters by giving them knowledge and with magic
Powers: Good magic spells

16. Name: Luison
Origin: Guarani Myth
Description: Long hair that covers most of him, sickly skin, and he is a man shape like a dog
Behavior: Live in cemeteries, eat rotten flesh
Powers: Is a death god

17. Name: Zilant
Origin: Russian Myth
Description: A chicken dragon, note is not a cockatrice as it is more dragon like
Behavior: The same as any other western dragon
Powers: Same as other western dragons

18. Name: Skolex
Origin: Greek myth
Description: Giant white worn with a mouth of fangs
Behavior: Hides in mud while hunting
Powers: None

19. Name: Almaz
Origin: Chechen, Ingush, and Circassian Folk Beliefs
Description: The men are hairy and hideous with axes in their chests, the women golden hair and large breasts, say to forest stone spirits
Behavior: Dance naked under the moon
Powers: Magical hair that if grab makes them helpless

20. Name: Muscaliet
Origin: Medieval folklore
Description: A hare with the tail and back legs of a squirrel, weasel ears, a mole muzzle, cover in pig hair, and has teeth like a wild boar.
Behavior: Live in trees, eat fruit and leaves
Powers: Is so hot that the trees it live it dries up and die

21. Name: Erlking
Origin: German Romanticism
Description: Giant goblin with a beard
Behavior: Lures people into the woods to make them his lovers or just to kill them
Powers: Magical song and dance, is the king of goblins, elves, and fairies

22. Name: Hasamidachi
Origin: Japanese Myth
Description: Small man like Yokai with a beak, crazy hair, and scissors growing from his head
Behavior: Seems to like to cut paper

23. Name: Uchchaihshravas
Origin: Hindu Belief.
Description: Horse with seven heads and wings.
Powers: The king of horses, and mount to gods.
Behavior: Godly good horse

24. Name: Gancanagh
Origin: Irish Myth
Description: Sexy male leprechaun with a dudeen
Behavior: Will try to seduce any woman, is lazy
Powers: Can seduce any woman, fairy magic

25. Name: Fenodyree
Origin: Isle Of Men Folklore
Description: Ugly fairy satyr knight
Behavior: Will help humans as long as they are never criticized as they will try to kill you if you do, or given clothes as they will leave and never return if you do
Powers: Super strength, fairy magic

26. Name: Hiderigami
Origin: Japanese Myth
Description: Three foot tall hairy creature with one eye, one leg, one arm in the middle of its chest, and is always female
Behavior: Lives in the mountains, normally stays away from people
Powers: So hot all water will evaporate around it, will die if throw in a toilet
27. Name: Cu Sith
Origin: Scotland Myth
Description: Bull size green dog with a coiled up tail
Behavior: Is a grim reaper and steals lactating women for fairies
Powers: Will nay three times at night, anyone who doesn’t get to safety before the third one will die of fear, takes souls to the afterlife

28. Name: Makhlyes
Origin: Greek Myth
Description: Human that is half man on one side of their body and half woman on the other
Behavior: Same as humans
Powers: None

29. Name: Mboi Tu’i
Origin: Guarani Myth
Description: Giant snake with a parrot head
Behavior: Protects wetland and amphibians
Powers: Squawk that cause fear in all that hears it

30. Name:  Lilith
Origin: Judeo-Christian
Description: Demonic woman
Behavior: Succubus like behavior, eats children
Powers: One of the queens of the Succubi, gives birth to one hundred demons everyday

31. Name: Fear Gorta
Origin: Irish Myth
Description: Skeleton like man ghost
Behavior: Seeks food from others as it wanders
Powers: Gives good luck to those that feed it
Well I'm putting up this year 31-Obscure Halloween challenge up early again to both help spread the word about it and to give people more than enough time to get ready for. Here hoping that the second year of this challenge will go over even better than the first year, and special thanks to elrotFlajingmanLoneanimatorCyberKaku, and Ravenpuff for doing last year challenge. 
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Ravenpuff Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Vampire Watermelon sounds a lot like the Vampire Pumpkin from last year. Still gonna have fun with that.
GoldandSliverDragon Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018
Of course they sound a lot of like their from the same myths and stories and are more or less the same thing. In the only myth or story I could find that said they were some how different was one that said they were rivals. Didn't say how or why, or what they did to each other.
Ravenpuff Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
GoldandSliverDragon Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2018
And that why I didn't put them on the same challenge 
Flajingman Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018   Traditional Artist
you had me at vampire watermelon
GoldandSliverDragon Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018
Did you not get the notification when I use your name on this?
Flajingman Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018   Traditional Artist
GoldandSliverDragon Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018
I think better tell the others on this list about it than
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