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Demon commission by GoldammerArt
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Ultimate Scene Profile
I decided to do another one. Use this profile to flesh out the scenes you want to include in your story.
Story Related:
• Basic scene details (what characters are doing, what happens, etc):
• What purpose does this scene serve to the story as a whole? (if a scene has no purpose and is just in there because you like it, it's a darling, and we must kill our darlings):
• How does this scene affect the overall plot of the story? (if you've already explained this, no need to repeat yourself):
• What is the main conflict in this scene (the characters' problems, conflict between or within the characters):
Theoretical Stuff:
NOTE: This section requires other readings. If you don't have knowledge of the hero's journey or the three act structure (two popular plot structuring devices used in countless films), then ignore this part.
• At what stage of the hero's journey does this scene take place? How does it fit into this stage?:
• In which act of the story does this
:iconmintoons:Mintoons 177 3
Character Design Tips
I decided to make this to test what I really knew about good visual character design, and also to help others who were stuggling with this subject. There's a lot to consider when designing a character for illustration, film or television, but hopefully by the end of this tutorial, it will all come second-nature to you.
A good way to start thinking critically about character design is by analyzing existing characters created in the industry. I call this a "character analysis". Look at every aspect of a character's design. The shapes, the eyes, the colours, the posture, the texture. Each element in a character's design is chosen with a simple purpose in mind - to visually introduce the audience to the character. Ask "why did they do that?", "what was the reason for that aspect of the design?". You see, every decision made in the design process sends a subtle message to the viewer, and understanding symbolism in character design can allow you to create memorable and instantly recognizable
:iconmintoons:Mintoons 279 13
Creating Believable Worlds
Here’s a list of things that you should think about when creating a new world/society for a story concept. They aren’t in any order. This is more of my college wisdom by the way.
1. The Time Period
Especially for a human society on Earth. Do your characters live in medieval times? Elizabethan times? Prehistoric times? This will greatly affect many aspects of the characters in the story, such as their clothing, posture, vocabulary (I mean really you’re not going to hear the word “dude” come out of a French aristocrat), rituals, law enforcement, etc. Do your research.
If your characters live in the present day, invest in a fashion magazine and a hairstyle magazine and try to keep up with the latest clothing trends.
2. The World’s Geography
Making a map of your world might help, especially if you’re intending on writing a story that involves a character going on an epic adventure that takes them all around the world. Of course you won’
:iconmintoons:Mintoons 221 6
The Epic Journey Checklist
I always love those epic stories where we follow a group of characters, travelling around a world (either real or imaginary). Where these characters encounter new trials in a different country/land/location every episode/chapter we tune in. This is a little checklist I made for making "journey" or "travelling" stories.
1. A hero – We need a primary character to tell the story through. This character does not have to be "the hero" of the story, but they should play a significant part in the journey.
2. A supporting cast – Allies, mentors, a leader (of course, if the hero isn't the leader) and people with special skills that will be of value to the leader. These characters not only support the story and provide alternative points of view, but they can also provide a shoulder for the hero to lean on.
3. A backstory – Characters should have their own history and unique traits that you find out over the story as you get to know them.
4. A mode of trans
:iconmintoons:Mintoons 114 0
Ultimate Character Profile
General Profile Info:
• Name:
• Nickname(s) (if any):
• Age:
• Gender:
• Star Sign:
Cultural Info:
• Birth Date:
• Birthplace:
• Habitat/Home/Address/Hometown:
• Occupation (how do they feel about their job?):
• Education:
• Economic Status (now and in the past):
• Environment (how has it affected them now and in the past):
• Religious Beliefs (how important is it to them?):
• Political Attitude:
• General Appearance:
• Body Type (endomorphic, ectomorphic or mezomorphic):
• Height:
• Weight:
• Hair (colour and style):
• Eye Colour:
• Skin Colour:
• Clothing Preference:
• Accessories/Weapons (if any):
• Powers (if any):
Magic and Powers:
• Does this character know magic (spells, etc)?:
• Does this character possess any kind of superpower?:
• What are the limitations of this magic or power?:
• What are the weaknesses of this magic or powe
:iconmintoons:Mintoons 746 56
Ultimate Story Profile
General Info:
• Setting:
• Genre (epic, fantasy, historical, romantic, action, adventure, comedy, horror, drama, etc):
• Theme (meaning or dominant idea behind the story):
• Synopsis (the story summed up into one or two sentences, with or without ending):
• Main characters:
General Story Overview:
• Orientation:
• Complication:
• Climax:
• Resolution:
• Subplots:
The Three Acts:
• Act 1 (orientation and first problem):
• Act 2 (struggling to solve problem):
• Act 3 (climax and ending):
The Hero's Journey (skip this if not familiar with hero's journey):
• The Ordinary World:
• The Call to Adventure:
• Refusal of the Call (for the reluctant hero):
• Mentor (the wise old man or woman):
• Crossing the First Threshold:
• Tests, Allies and Enemies:
• Approach to the Inmost Cave:
• The Ordeal:
• Reward:
• The Road Back:
• Resurrection:
• Retu
:iconmintoons:Mintoons 396 13
Simplified Character Profile
This is a stripped down version of my previous character profile. Use it to simply develop a personality (the heart and soul), and then you can reuse it in various stories under different character names.
• Self Description (who the character believes they are):
• Virtues (good personality traits):
• Vices (undesirable personality traits):
• Personality flaws (I guess this could also fit under vices):
• Most common emotions:
• Emotions they try to block or hide:
• Personal Values (moral values/ethics, personal outlook on life, etc):
• How does the character feel about themselves? (things/aspects/features about them that they like, dislike, reject or would change if they could):
• Ambition (what they ultimately want):
• Motive (why they want the ambition and how they plan to get it):
• Other desires:
• Any conflicting desires? (one desire preventing the obtaining of another):
• Problems (both internal and external, things
:iconmintoons:Mintoons 115 0
Ultimate Species Profile
I tried to cover everything possible, but there were so many questions that fit into more than one profile sheet. This was ultimately designed for developing a creature of your own (that is not a real animal or well known fantasy creature) to the point where it has its own civilisation. If your creature was intended to be just an animal in your world, then ignore all the complex civilisation questions. I intend to make a profile for societies and world/planets later on.
Physical Attributes:
• Name:
• Age (how long has the species existed?):
• General Appearance:
• Lifespan:
• Defence Mechanisms/Strategies (how do they protect themselves against predators?):
• Abilities:
• Locomotion (how do they move? Eg. humans walk, snakes slither):
• Herbivore, Carnivore or Omnivore?:
• Diet (specifically what they eat):
• Intelligence:
• Illnesses (any unique diseases that the species is vulnerable to?):
• Predators:
• Problems (any p
:iconmintoons:Mintoons 841 49




Hello new & old followers!

It has been a while since I was really active here on Deviantart, as about 3 years ago I moved to Furaffinity to see what it's like on there. But I'm back now and try to be more active again here, keeping up with both sites! 
I've tried my hand at making costumes as well, and I get more and more commissions for that. I will start again this February, so for now I'm working on personal artwork and picking up 3D as well! 

Currently Goldammer (my very first character) is being updated with a fresh new look and new features! There's already a sketch of him in my gallery  if you're curious ;) (Wink) 
Got lots of other reference sheets in progress that will be uploaded here & a character progress sheet which will be fun to see as well :happybounce:  

For now I wish all of you a happy new year! 

  • Listening to: the legendary Dio \m/
  • Watching: Stranger things
  • Playing: Guild wars 2


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