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Shinerai sketch

Been on a sketch-spree lately...Made a headshot sketch of :iconshinerai: I LOVE making these sketches, so I'll be looking at more of my favorite DA dragons to sketch! I wanna make a whole collection!!

These are done in about an hour so I can sketch one each day as a warm-up too :happybounce:  For now they'll be just the lines, but will add colors to all later. 
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Holy cow, I love it! He looks like a formidable beast. I enjoy the cleanliness of your sketch and how you've worked in little textures into his feathers, skin, tinyfeathers, and the wrinkles in his face. I also like how his mane appears to be blown by a gentle wind, and how it frames the bottom of the portrait.

Although I'm super excited about the thought of you adding color, I've been on a coloring kick myself, lately! Would it be okay if I painted this? ;u; (If I paint it, the sketch will go away)
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Ahh thank you! Glad you like it, had lots of fun drawing the pose and all ^^

I can upload it on here or in Stash if you want :D 
Wow! I would love to see what you'll do with this actually Wow! 
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Yes, it would be wonderful if you did that! ♥
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