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Who WOULDN'T want to spend 5 nights @lil Freddy's?

"Welcome home Mike, we've missed you!"

Just imagine if this was your greeting as soon as you walked in the door! Five Nights at Freddy's Cuties! (Chat Icon) 

No longer possessed by any demons, nighttime is fun time!  It certainly makes Mike's job easier lol  
(yes Foxy is holding a full-size pirate hat for Mike hehe)

I'm officially ending my break from art :)  

I wanted to make a "cuties" picture for a while now, ever since I made that "boop" animation and those icons lol Freddy's Nose Boop (Chat Icon) Boop!  I Got Your Nose!  (Chat Icon)  My original idea wasn't ANYTHING like this... and my second idea wasn't ANYTHING like this... but this is what I ended up with.  lol

I promised :iconkinginbros2011: that I would try out his pupil-enlarging tutorial that he made for me and post the result:

sfm tutorial: how to change a model's eyesize by kinginbros2011

Clearly, it works!  WOOOOO Bumper Cars! (Bonnie Chat Icon) Thanks bro!!!  No more photoshopping eyes for me!!

I was going to use the other skin for these models, which is typically what you see used for the cute/lil characters (it's softer and cleaner looking), but the eyes were looking weird.  So, I used the regular skins, and then edited the picture in Lightroom to give them a really soft, innocent, and fresh/clean-skinned look :)

My goal is to make these characters as universally loveable as possible! hehe

I also FINALLY found the nightguard model in gmod and brought it into SFM.  I'm going to use him more, and maybe some other people I got.

Cute Baby Bonzi Bonnie Chat Icon WHO'S A CUTE WIDDLE PIRATE FOX? (Chat Icon) Chica Wakes up in Pizza Heaven (Chat Icon) Freddy's Nose Boop (Chat Icon) 

Edit... :iconcatcupcake: made it even cuter! hehe (click to see the GIF)

Just Five Nights At Freddys, Please? by catcupcake

...bonnie chica foxy freddy sfm fnaf sourcefilmmaker sfmsourcefilmmaker 5naf fivenightsatfreddys five nights at freddy's freddys five_nights_at_freddys fnaf2 5naf2 fnaf3 5naf3 gold94chica source filmmaker freddyfazbear freddy_fazbear bonbon bonniethebunny bonnie_the_bunny bonniefnaf bonniebunny wallpaper1920x1080 chicathechicken chica_the_chicken chicachicken chicafnaf foxythepirate foxythepiratefox foxy_the_fox foxyfnaf wallpaper poster adorable adorablekawaii adorablecute chibi kawaiiadorable kawaiicute cutekawaii cuteadorable baby lil little cute adorable kawaii welcome hug hugs love pirate eyes
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hold on guys! one at a time!

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I Will give 10/10 because that is the cuties art ever

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I would Love them immediately

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c-can i j-join da g-gang...?

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me when i discovered this: 13 years old

me now: 18

Seeing his again bring me back so much golden good memories that to the point i want to cry :cry:

all of your sfm pics bring me back the good old days when first i discovered FNAF and loved hard this loved hard bonnie and still love him a lot, i'm going back into the game again because of the new game! but i miss this BIG FNAF phase i got when i was 13 ;-;..

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I would want to stay at Freddy Fazbear's even if the animatronics weren't these little adorable things. TWT

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Man, I think I might have to take the day and night shift for these little cuties.

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I just realized that they’re looking up at Mike. Lmao, even after all the horror these four are known for you still managed to make them look innocent. Nice job.

LarioLario54321's avatar

I Wouldn't want to spend any night there;

I Don't care if they ARE Smaller, or no longer revenants; I'm still Terrified of Animatronics!

batim-fnaf-fan's avatar

That is the cutest thing i've ever seen!

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Let me hug Freddy and nobody gets hurt!!

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Hand Bonnie over XD

xXbugsbunny747Xx's avatar
Awwww can I hugs Bonnie Bunny
Wendythefox22's avatar

Oh my gosh they’re all so adorable!!! X3

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Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! So cute! The eyes, the smiles. Foxy, Chica, Freddy and Bonnie. My heart can't take it. *Squeeeeee*

Brilliant work on the animatronics. And the look in their eyes. It reminds me of the FNaF 3 song from MandoPony; 'Balloons'. Beautiful song that fits this image. I cannot stress that enough, can I?

A portion of the song is like this; Just little children, not at all strange. Alone and afraid, for oh so long. Wandering what did we do wrong?

Just freaky brilliant work. Keep it up, okay? ^_^
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Thanks a lot :)

I never thought of that song with this picture, interesting!  I'm glad you could make the connection :)
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You're very welcome. ^_^
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