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When you are trying to sneak a midnight snack Meme

Just the meme/alternate interpretation of the picture I uploaded last month lol:

Chica finally tastes pizza for the first time
Chica finally tastes pizza for the first time by gold94chica

That face though XD

Chica Wakes up in Pizza Heaven (Chat Icon) 

I've been meaning to upload this forever now... finally doing it lol

...bonnie chica foxy five nights at freddy's freddys freddy pizza notaduck fnaf 5naf chicathechicken fivenightsatfreddys five_nights_at_freddys fnaf2 5naf2 fnaf3 5naf3 chicachickenchicken hitlerspimp meme funny lol
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Gotta get the s h r e d d e d c h e e s e .

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i just fall to the ground, hide under the table, and hold my breath. if she takes my treasures then it's ok- i can get more when she leaves :^)

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im see this images while my school do a zoom meeting

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It's feels more like: when you hated something for years even though you never ate it and you finally did and it tasted great

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this meme sucks but its not fat people so i like

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yep yep yep that is me

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Omg so freakin true lol
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Yes me all the time
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Imagine Freddy walking in to see Chica like this. Oh my god that would be funny!

Freddy: ...What are you doing?
Chica: 0_0 You saw nothing.
Freddy: I can see you
Chica: 0_0 Wut?
Freddy: *Faceplam*
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Oh goodness my sister's wheezing trying not to laugh at this XD
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She's there for a snack too so... eat and pretend that no one saw each other :paranoid:
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