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Sad Foxy FNAF Wallpaper

Well, I was trying to make a GIF of the one of the few parts in :icondr-dash:'s videos where Foxy looks relatively sane:

But nope, there's not even enough footage length for a GIF XD  So it ended up being this wallpaper instead.  It's a full 1920x1080 for your enjoyment!!  I edited the picture for some better brightness, contrast, and color.


Sad Foxy Chat Icon Sad Foxy Chat Icon Sad Foxy Chat Icon Sad Foxy Chat Icon 


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he looks less sad and more surprised
:gives Foxy a b-day present and pats his head: 
"you okay there buddy?"
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Old Foxy - Icon GIF : NO! everyone here forgot my birthday again.
"well then, lets celebrate it."
Foxy's Booty Overload (Chat Icon) : you, you mean it?
"Yes, ur my fave after all."
Foxy's Booty Dance (Chat Icon) Foxy's Booty Dance (Chat Icon) Foxy's Booty Dance (Chat Icon) 
hope you enjoyed that.
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How do i download it?
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You don't know how to hit the download button and/or right click on the picture and save it?
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My phone hates me.
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ah, I've never had a phone before, so IDK
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Fans and Phones are in cahoots #TheTrueEvil
-how to make words small? c:-
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with the "sub" command
Adventure Mangle Chat Icon Adventure Mangle Chat Icon Adventure Mangle Chat Icon :sub idk how to do the sub command.....XD
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< sub> < /sub> with no spaces
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foxy looks so cute with that little hat! >w<
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I use this on my phone background XD
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that was the point :D
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...Are you a wizard? :O3d: Confused 3D 50x50 derp 

Can you see the future!?
ARE YOU READING MY THOUGHTS AS WE SPEAK!?!?!? Bossness IntensifiesBossness IntensifiesBossness IntensifiesBossness Intensifies 
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haha no, but I did call this a "wallpaper"
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.....MAGIC!!! patrick gasp 
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