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Ohai There (Slightly Annoyed Foxy Chat Icon)

Can I help you?? I'm trying to watch some #booty over here Foxy Got Caught Looking for 'Booty' (Chat Icon) 

Either that, or

Ohai there cutie... I didn't see you there... Hey There..... (Foxy Chat Icon) 

IDK why I have to make so many of these things lol

Honestly, I wanted to make this one a LONG time ago, way before these other Foxy icons.

You might recognize it from :icondr-dash:'s video (at the very end):…

just when you thought I was done with that video XD

just trying to finish up some old stuff today ok

...chica booty fnaf fnaf2 five nights at freddy's freddys fnaf3 5naf 5naf2 5naf3 foxy bonnie freddy gif animation fivenightsatfreddys five_nights_at_freddys intensifies photoshop hello hi eyes how are you sup wassup welcome swag piratefox gold94chica fave favorite watch friend thanks thankyou thank you pirate fox chill sfm sfmsourcefilmmaker sourcefilmmaker girl gurl hey heythere treasure fav  hitlerspimp annoy annoying annoyed
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insert you are a pirate meme here Springtrap is Watching You (Chat Icon) 
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lol using HOPEFULLY
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That moment when your amazon cart is already over $100
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That moment Foxy found out he became a lamp in the 3rd game...
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Foxy when he finds another fnaf oc that's shipped with him:Ohai There (Slightly Annoyed Foxy Chat Icon) 
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Me: -pretending to be drunk - HAI foxeh..
Foxy: um hi? Ohai There (Slightly Annoyed Foxy Chat Icon) 
Me: HUG ME!!!!!
Foxy: WTF?!
- chase scene -
Foxy: NUUU
Foxy: WTF?!
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lol foxy is like "......what?"
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la in love OMG HES SO HOT
foxy fun fest 
foxy fun fest 
foxy fun fest 
foxy fun fest 
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:gives link to fnaf3:

not anymore
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Foxy face is like " Anyone else seeing this?"
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"or am I just going crazy" Foxy's Booty Overload (Chat Icon) 
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Exactly!! Lol.
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Cute as ever. Probably saw the night guard with a gun: Night Guard: "S-S-Stay back! I-I-I'm w-warning y-y-you..." Foxy: "Bitch. Please."
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haha, Cocky ole foxy!!!!
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Where are these .gifs from? :O I saw a few SFM videos but I would love to see more :la:

Foxy's my fav, obviously XD
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haha, yeah i can see that XD  The videos are always linked in the description!  So if you want to see more SFM videos, just check out all of my other icons for so many incredible videos... they are all so good
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he looks so ... nervous lol even though it says annoyed o.O
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haha, basically it could be a follow up to this Foxy Got Caught Looking for 'Booty' (Chat Icon) 
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oh i'm sorry o.O i meant bashful or shy ... kinda not close to nervous lol :XD:

and yeah Foxy Got Caught Looking for 'Booty' (Chat Icon)  this one looks like he's been caught and he's like "uh oh...i'm dead"
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hahah yeah I love that icon XD

Oh yeah, bashful/shy makes a lot more sense!
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lol :XD: i knew right :XD:
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