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Now listen closely (Robbie Rotten GIF Icon)

Now, listen closely!
Here's a little lesson in trickery
This is going down in history!
If you want to be a villain number one,
You have to chase a superhero on the run

Sorry for all of the Robbie Rotten icon spam at once, but I couldn't decide just one GIF to do, so I did 3 at once.  There really aren't any icons of this guy on here anyway, so why not.  Because memes.

Original from LazyTown:…

We are number one!

I will have to teach you how to be villains!(icon) Now listen closely (Robbie Rotten GIF Icon) Now look at this net, that I just found (GIF icon) Now watch, and learn (Chat Icon) 
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Now look at this net-
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Funtime Foxy: Wha...........

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Just follow my moves
And sneak around.
Be careful not to make a sound....shhhh...
......NO, don't touch that!
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DID U NO????? Robbie Rotten in the Lazytown we all know in love is actually the same person who played Robbie in the 2nd Lazytown Icelandic play!
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He would make an excellent Waluigi.
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Is it bad that I can read his lips without looking at the title
(i didn't see the title I just saw the picture)
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That's good acting/speaking for ya!
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Friend: I can't get past Pokemon Moon's 2nd Kahuna
Me:  Now listen closely (Robbie Rotten GIF Icon) by gold94chica
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So much nostalgia. XD

we are number one
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but its GIF
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where is the fnaf nope icons when you need them?
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Hey lets be superheroes!  Now listen closely (Robbie Rotten GIF Icon) by gold94chica
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my strange addiction: We are number one song
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we are number one!
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I have watched that video like 10 times now...  WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?!I am a dummy! 
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he is the number one :'v
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