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tfw when you see something terrible/awful/cringy/immature and you're about to explode/flip/rant, but you're trying to keep it all together

Created from a photograph of The Rock's face during the 2017 Oscars award ceremony when the award for "Best Picture"was announced incorrectly:

C5rKOJPUYAAZJ93 by gold94chica…

The look on his face was priceless and cracked me up, and I thought it would make a perfect reaction emoticon on here.  So I edited out the other people, and made it shake for emphasis and that mildy triggered/intensifies look haha.

Also... check out this similar triggered Bendy icon I made for Migwally-ZeroWhY wOn'T yOu BuIlD oUr MaChIne Since it was his picture and request, I let him upload it.  Be sure to share the love :)
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Me whenever I see a genuinely based woke uber dumb post or stamp here lolol