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M'lady... (Freddy SFM Wallpaper)

WOOOHOOOO I finally got my computer and Source FilmMaker back up and running!  Time to celebrate with the most random picture ever.  I really apologize for my lack of .... well anything.  I haven't been active on DA since Easter.... well time to change that lol.

Freaturing Freddy and a bit of MLG.... I actually always wanted to make something like this, with Freddy tipping his hat like a fedora lol.  Took a long time to get his pose right, it's actually all quite custom lol.  

He is standing on the stage, but then I added 12 lights behind him so you can't really see it anymore lol. Picture was then edited in Adobe Lightroom.

Boy, it's nice to have my computer all back and running again lol

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exactly how i imagine Freddy to be. Classy, fun, smart and sneaky at the same damn time.

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Classy bear lifting his hat in greeting. LOL could be Freddy or could be Paddington. Now I want to see them meet each other.
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I would love to use SFM, but steam says it'll take a year to download. 

Great pic.
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Ah yeah, there's a lot of content with SFM, it's a lot to download.  But it shouldn't take a year, unless you've got like a modem or dialup lol
doodleboxstuff's avatar
It’s called I’m using my phones portable hotspot uwu
gold94chica's avatar
ah, yeah that might do it :P
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Best posterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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probably should have put epilepsy/seizure/nausea warning because of the background.
gold94chica's avatar
but it's not even animated or moving or changing or something
Yanesewa's avatar
yea, but the background has bright lights and could give someone a headache.
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I was gonna say M'Lady but you took the opportunity from me.
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nope she did not 
gold94chica's avatar
heh, I admit that I'm not very good with titles :P
MLG-Vincent-420-87's avatar
well I'm just saying you took the opportunity for the title, which in effect, nullifies any comment that could have contained M'Lady
gold94chica's avatar
lol well yeah I guess I didn't want to get even MORE annoying comments huh :P
MLG-Vincent-420-87's avatar
Annoying comments be annoying
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Nice! I like the background, and how you made Freddy. Freddy is so cute! His face look like he's planning to do some mischief, but still look innocent at the same time.

My favorite animatronics in order:
1. Freddy Fazbear.
2. Foxy.
3. Bonnie.
4. Springtrap.
5. Chica.
6. Golden Freddy.
FoxyxGolenFreddy's avatar
In my opinion
Golden Freddy,Freddy Fazbear,andFoxy is tie for 1st
2nd Bonnie
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