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I got Employee Of The Month in Fazbear's Fright!

I've really missed being on DA and working on SFM posters for here, so I decided to take some time off of work to make some stuff!

Of course, nothing ever goes as planned..... lol

I was making a DIFFERENT picture, and then I went into GMOD for some stuff, and saw that the Five Nights at Freddy's 3 map was updated today (what a coincidence):…

The update notes say that there was an admin room with the posters added over the main office (instead of the posters being in the supply closet in FNAF1 or the hallway in FNAF2).  And sure enough, after you no-clip up into the room, there I am!!!
WOOOOO Bumper Cars! (Bonnie Chat Icon) 

Thanks to :iconkeithyc: for making the great map in the first place, and then for adding in the wall posters today!

And this is why I can't change my icon anymore lol

maybe now I can do my other silly little picture

...sfm fnaf sourcefilmmaker sfmsourcefilmmaker 5naf fivenightsatfreddys five nights at freddys freddys five_nights_at_freddys fnaf2 5naf2 fnaf3 5naf3 gold94chica source filmmaker wallpaper1920x1080 chicathechicken chica_the_chicken chicachicken chicafnaf proud happy
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You deserve employee of the month!
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looks like someone is changing his eyes green XD 
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you just noticed?  I did it all months ago, when I said I did lol
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well i didn't notice it until now because it poped on one of my pictures 
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Someone linked it to you? lol
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no it was in "more from DA" XD 
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LOL good grief DA, why you do dis to me
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well, it's only thanks you you guys for making DA think my stuff is popular :P
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congrats on being employee of the month C: :D
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Nice MLG sunglasses bro
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wheres old/toy chica? and hitlerspimp
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 сосите пчилин фна14/88феры 
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Hey Gold94Chica I  Saw Your FNAF 4 Trailer And I Didn't Need Sleep Anyways Yeah...
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