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Guess who's back?

I just wanted to share this for anyone who thought or knows someone who thought that the head peaking in the window was Springtrap and not Mangle.  You can clearly see them both together here.

...fnaf fnaf2 fnaf3 5naf 5naf2 5naf3 freddy fivenightsatfreddys five_nights_at_freddys omg surprise nope nopenopenopenope scared no gold94chica howaboutno intense nightmares nightmare night mare mares fivenightsatfreddys3 hype scottcawthon five_nights_at_freddys_3 horror springtrap springtrap_fnaf springtrapfnaf3 springtrapfivenightsatfreddys3 golden bonnie goldenbonnie golden_bonnie jumpscare mangle manglethefox
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FNAF 10 CONFI- jk 
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bb is not killed he only hide from the vent idk what vent and he gets old and he returned to the fnaf 3
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I think the Guess who is a wink wink from Scott knowing that bb is not liked
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I think 10 means the month, the tenth month is October. Which is the month FNAF 4 will be released.   
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Even though FNaF is over, we still don't know what does the 10 mean.
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I Think 10 means a police code or something? I hear it from video
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10 is a police code they use over radios when they need help 
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I think it means that BB is the tenth animatronic.
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It's camera 10, the one BB starts at in FNAF 2
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Thanks for making me feel stupid, gosh.
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Fuck, Scott is a genius.
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Makes us think everything but what it is
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Next up on Smike's channel: fnaf 10 confirmed!!
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Guys, FNAF 10 confirmed!
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scott scott scott *see BB* oh sh*t.
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woah this is awesome as fuck! not really hehehehehehehehe fuk i type so so smal|
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Fuckboy is back
get the fuckboy repelent.
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I don't have any!
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Your screwed, then.
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