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Free Kawaii Bonnie Cute Chat Icon


I am really blown away at how popular this icon is.  It's just a silly little tiny GIF!!!  But wow!  it's got OVER 900 favorites!!  Like wuuuut?  And it's in the #1 spot of most popular emoticon of all DA.  

This means a LOT to me, thank you all so much for using and loving my icons so much.  These are HUGE fun to make, and I LOVE seeing how people use these all over DA to make peoples' days a little bit brighter.

I also wanted to say, that at the end of this month, this icon is going to drop off of the emoticon list.  You will still be able to find it (and all of my other icons) by typing "gold94chica" in the search.  But icons only last on the main page for 1 month, then they go away forever.

Thanks again! Free Kawaii Bonnie Cute Chat Icon 


The world is now a better place, and all is well, thanks to cute baby Bonnie. Free Kawaii Bonnie Cute Chat Icon 

This one is dedicated to :iconkpopbia: for being a good friend :) (and Bonnie is her fav)

Taken from the hilariously brilliant video here:…

TOOTURULS!!! TOOTURALS?!?!?!?   (Medic Chat Icon)  hahahahahaha  (just watch it OK) 

1920x1080 WALLPAPER IS UP!! 

The Face of Cuteness! (Kawaii Bonnie Wallpaper) by gold94chica

more on the way Bonnie marchBonnie marchBonnie march WOOOOO Bumper Cars! (Bonnie Chat Icon) 
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how do i add this to my bio? on the old deviantart there was the :thumbnail#: on the right but i dont see that on the new eclipse version. google isnt any help either

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Hey there, I am not familiar with this website at all anymore, and have no clue how such things work. Sorry about that!

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no worries! i feel that, eclipse is really confusing :(

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yeah, if I had any lingering desire to use/upload to DA, it was gone when Eclipse happened haha

daredevildonnie's avatar

oh yea, i left once it was in place. didnt think id come back but i sort of feel like theres a lot of art and content im missing out on!

it looks soo cute....

hey is there a foxy version?

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No Foxy version, sorry!

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bonnie looks so awesome i love it amazing job

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So amazing, Bonnie so cool/enjoyable:D, hehe.

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Free Kawaii Bonnie Cute Chat Icon by gold94chica   LOL I LOOOOOOOOVE IT
surender54's avatar it.
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i know this and i love this
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Disappointed Funtime Freddy Icon Mr Hippo ded from cuteness
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how do you download so you are able to put it as a icon on your profile page?
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right click - save as ?
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oh......thank you! sorry I was being a dope
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