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Well, you sure said SOMETHING funny, because now Freddy can't stop laughing!!!

Inspired from :iconkawathestaar:'s video here:

Foxy Spotted some Booty... (chat icon)  Grab me a glass of malk....    (Pretty Damn Tasty Demoman's Crazy Eyebrows (TF2 Chat Icon) )

Freddy Does Not Approve (Chat Icon)  The man wants a glass of mulk!!  Chica has Gone Insane (Chat Icon)

Foxy Intensifies Chat Icon  POUR ME A GLASS OF MALK!! Foxy is a Boss (Chat Icon) 

Freddy Facepalm Chat Icon Just give 'im the freakin mulk!!!   Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon)

Bonnie Bruh Chat Icon  YOU GUYS AREN'T EVEN SAYING THE SAME THING!! Bonnie's NOPE Face  (Chat Icon) 

Maybe one day, I'll have a GIF from all the great videos lol  Bonnie is a Boss (Chat Icon) 

...animation bonnie chica fave favorite five nights at freddy's freddys foxy freddy friend gif giggles gmod ha haha hahaha he hehe hehehe laugh laughter photoshop sfm thankyou watch you fnaf sourcefilmmaker sfmsourcefilmmaker THANKS Hi Hello thank 5naf fivenightsatfreddys five_nights_at_freddys welcome fnaf2 5naf2 fnaf3 5naf3 gold94chica giggle giggling laughing milk mulk malk
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When the fanbase complain about its games.Freddy Laughing Chat Icon