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Foxy Dancing the Hustle! (Chat Icon)


After the INSANEEEEE popularity of my first dancing Foxy icon:

Dancing Foxy Chat Icon by gold94chica
(I mean really?? It's now the SECOND MOST POPULAR ICON on all of DA!!!! Bonnie Bruh Chat Icon )

I bring you Foxy's second dance:  The Hustle!  Complete with Chica looking in amazement

Be sure to watch the video here:…

Originally created by :iconyoshermon::

Foxy Does the Hustle (gif) by Yoshermon

Yeah, I had to photoshop Chica and Foxy a bit so that the icon would loop properly, but you can't even really tell since it's so small (so I guess that means I did a good job??)

Now it's time for a danceoff!!!  Which will win??? Dancing Foxy Chat Icon or Foxy Dancing the Hustle! (Chat Icon) ?

...chica fnaf fnaf2 fnaf3 5naf 5naf2 5naf3 foxy bonnie freddy gif animation fivenightsatfreddys five_nights_at_freddys photoshop dance dancing happy five nights at freddy's freddys sfm sfmsourcefilmmaker sourcefilmmaker mlg swag pirate piratefox pirate fox happy birthday happybirthday yay celebrate celebration celebrating yeah excite excited woohoo gmod hustle disco song songofmypeople amazing amaze amazement gold94chica welcome fave favorite watch friend thanks thankyou thank you booty
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i love when foxy dances foxy looks like a boss when he dances i love this a lot amazing job

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nice! I like this
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Joke's on you, I already got Jesus
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When you finally find out when you can win FNAF world.
Me:  Foxy Dancing the Hustle! (Chat Icon) by gold94chica Foxy Dancing the Hustle! (Chat Icon) by gold94chica Foxy Dancing the Hustle! (Chat Icon) by gold94chica Foxy Dancing the Hustle! (Chat Icon) by gold94chica Foxy Dancing the Hustle! (Chat Icon) by gold94chicaFoxy Dancing the Hustle! (Chat Icon) by gold94chica yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee SCYCHHRONISED HUSTLE!

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search for it in "+ Add Media" , but they aren't available on the mobile site
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Yeah, 2nd most popular.
most popular is
It's time to stop ok? No more! (chat/comment icon) 
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lol (idc if this comment is old i still love it XD)
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do all you want , cause a pirate is free

 you are a pirate
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Dancing to a song that you've never heard like
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Awe yeah! Foxy gotz da dance moves!
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shake that sexy butt foxy =P
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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turn down for what!!!!
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Total futurama reference
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