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Foxy Approves (Chat Icon)

"You be doin' great lad"
"Keep up the good work lass"

etc lol

This is actually an early (surprise) birthday "gift" for :iconvolcobo: who made this: Foxy Thumbs Up 

(well duh, yeah I guess he made his own icon, but I told him to submit it as a chat icon because I thought it was so cool)

So now we have two versions of "Foxy approves", one static, and one animated!

This icon comes from :iconmiffedcrew:'s video here:…

Be sure to subscribe!!!

Yes, I had to color the pupils black and make it loop properly lol, it's not as easy as it looks, trust me

Foxy Thumbs UpFoxy Thumbs UpFoxy Thumbs UpFoxy Thumbs UpFoxy Thumbs UpFoxy Thumbs UpFoxy Thumbs Up

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A simple emoji for the people who spend too much time texting.

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Me when there is a good idea/OC
Me:   Foxy Approves (Chat Icon) by gold94chica Good  work!
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Foxy: Yes!
M. Bison (Street Fighter cartoon): YES! YES!

Sorry, I had to.
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Me: Do you like me
Foxy: yes Foxy Approves (Chat Icon) 
Freddy: No Freddy Does Not Approve (Chat Icon) 
Me: I wasn't talking about you!Facepalm 
Freddy: wut?! Wut did you say?!Freddy Herd You Talkin Trash (Chat Icon)
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yash plz be approval and not disapproval...what?
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*looks at foxy and he just stares at me and I give him a kiss and leave*

Kitty:Got you agian~<3
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Yay!!!! Thank you for approving Foxy!! :3 Now com here and give me a hug!! :)
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Thank you for the hug Foxy!!!!! Lol.
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i approve of foxy. best pirate ever. though it was close to jack sparrow XD
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Yeah, I had never heard of a robot fox pirate before, but it's such an epic idea! lol
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Now we gotta think of a robot wolf ninja to match Foxy's epicness. What would we name him though? "Wolfy" sounds pretty stupid compared to Foxy.
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yeah kinda of a weird thing cus robots and water don't go well together.
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I approve of his approval.

Chicas Derpy Face(icon) 
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