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Cute Foxy and Bonnie Chat Icon

Finally!  The icon so many people have been waiting for lol

And since I'm way busy on my animation, it's a good opportunity to upload an icon, which I haven't done I like forever.

Make someone's day better!…;:iconmurder-o-crows:


...animation bonnie chica five nights at freddy's freddys foxy freddy gif photoshop fnaf 5naf fnaf2 5naf2 fnaf3 5naf3 fivenightsatfreddys five_nights_at_freddys sfm sfmsourcefilmmaker sourcefilmmaker gmod kawaii adorable adorablekawaii adorablecute chibi kawaiiadorable kawaiicute cutekawaii cuteadorable anime gold94chica fox pirate hug cuddle hugs cuddles  thank you thanks thankyou welcome fav fave favorite favorites hi hello hey love you iloveyou piratefox aww awww family sad cheer comfort comforting encourage encouragement encouraging 
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this is just brotherly love.

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I smashed the like button.

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How do u send it to people..?
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I'm not sure what you mean, but if you type a comment, you can click the "+ Add Media" link at the bottom of the text box, and then search for "cute foxy bonnie" in the list, and click on it there, it's the first result for me.  Cute Foxy and Bonnie Chat Icon  
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When I’m in a bad mood this image describes what happens:
Bonnie=My Sister
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wow bonnie showed up out of no where
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XD Foxy's like "NOPE! NOT CHEERING UP!" 
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Me when im listening to a few Adele songs.
Me: Sad Bonnie is sad [Chat Icon] Cry forever You Broke Foxy's Heart (Chat Icon) kaomoji set 2 60/67 Kao Emoji-43(Sad waving) [V3] 
Bonnie & Foxy: Aww were here for u.  Cute Foxy and Bonnie Chat Icon by gold94chica
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So this is my OTP but i never ship............ :(
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Singing       Oh, sit down.  Oh, sit down
              Sit down, next to me.
              Sit down, down, down, down.
              In sympathy.
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my 2 favorite ^^
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Awww... Bonnie being cute and Foxy being sad... Can i hug them? Please?
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Don't feel sad, Foxy...Bonnie and I feel your pain.
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Deal With It (Freddy Chat Icon):iconsaysplz: inhale my dong enragement child
Enragement Child Icon :iconsaysplz::iconwhomeplz:
Deal With It (Freddy Chat Icon) :iconsaysplz::iconyesyouplz:
Enragement Child Icon :iconsaysplz::iconohmeplz:
Deal With It (Freddy Chat Icon) :iconsaysplz::iconnoherplz:
Enragement Child Icon :iconsaysplz::iconnowordsplz:
Deal With It (Freddy Chat Icon) :iconsaysplz::iconheranusplz:
Enragement Child Icon :iconsaysplz::iconfuckuplz:
Deal With It (Freddy Chat Icon) :iconsaysplz::iconwhomeplz:
Enragement Child Icon :iconsaysplz::iconyesuplz:
Deal With It (Freddy Chat Icon) :iconsaysplz::iconohmeplz:
Enragement Child Icon :iconsaysplz::iconnowordsplz:

copy and paste onto 10 other FNAFB artworks or Freddy will come to ur house and make u inhale his dong it rly is true it rly works
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This was hilarious
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please give me this icon gold94chica
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personal space, bonnie
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