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Chica and Foxy (Chat Icon)

update: title change for clarification, but I'll probably just delete this icon, already deleted most of the description

Chica Eyebrows Chat Emoticon : OMG Foxy, he's SO CUTE!!!!!

Hey There..... (Foxy Chat Icon) : Foxy Cuddles his Plushie (Chat Icon) 

Cute Foxy Plushie Chat Icon : .....

Icon created from :iconask-5-freddys:'s video here, I really had no real reason to create this one lol, I thought it was cute:…

...animation bonnie chica five nights at freddy's freddys foxy freddy gif photoshop fnaf 5naf fnaf2 5naf2 fnaf3 5naf3 fivenightsatfreddys five_nights_at_freddys sfm sfmsourcefilmmaker sourcefilmmaker gmod kawaii adorable adorablekawaii adorablecute chibi kawaiiadorable kawaiicute cutekawaii cuteadorable anime gold94chica plush plushie doll stuffed stuffedanimal puppet fox pirate hug cuddle hugs cuddles squeeze thank you thanks thankyou welcome fav fave favorite favorites hi hello hey happy birthday happybirthday love you iloveyou piratefox kiss kissing kisses love iloveyou aww awww family
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My ship! Reeeeeee
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Kawaiiiiiii Foxica 4LIFE
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omf foxy kissed chica on cheek >w<
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Aww, I love Foxy plushie (call me crazy, but I love it almost more than I love the real Foxy.)
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so what do you think of the fnaf 3 song i hope you die in a fire i know i hated it
robpoop123's avatar
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i wonder where that foxy plush came fromChica's New Method (Chat Icon) Swiggity Swooty, Foxy's Comin 4 Booty (Chat Icon) Foxy's Booty Overload (Chat Icon) Chica's Pizza Withdraw (Chat Icon) 
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me thinks its his baby and mangle ish de mum ( sorry about my words im to lazy right now )
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Mangle isda mommy to the foxy plushie 
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Chica Eyebrows Chat Emoticon Chica WANTS PIZZA! We Like To Party! (TF2 Chat Icon) Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon) Bonnie's Slow Jam (Chat Icon) Chica's Seductive Gaze (Chat Icon) Please Don't Hurt Me!!! (Anti-Bullying Chat Icon) Foxy MLG Chat Icon Foxy Approves (Chat Icon) Foxy Approves (Chat Icon) Chica and Foxy (Chat Icon) Balloon Boy Gets Rekt (Chat Icon) Sad Foxy Chat Icon TOOTURALS?!?!?!?   (Medic Chat Icon) Chica's Eybrows V.2 (Chat Icon) Medic Really Likes What He Sees XD (Chat Icon) Chica is a Boss (Chat Icon) Ohai Guise (Chat Icon) Chica's New Method (Chat Icon) Bonnie's Epic Guitar Solo (Chat Icon) Ohai There (Slightly Annoyed Foxy Chat Icon) WHO'S A GOOD BOY?!?! (Foxy Chat Icon) Let Me Sing You The Song Of My People! (Chat Icon) Chica's Wiggle Dance (Chat Icon) Who Wants a Foxy Hug??? (Chat Icon) Deal With It (Freddy Chat Icon) Freddy Goes Super Saiyan (Chat Icon) Foxy Cuddles his Plushie (Chat Icon) Foxy Got Caught Looking for 'Booty' (Chat Icon) Thomas the Tank Engine Chat Icon Sad Foxy Animated Chat Icon Bonnie Facepalm Chat Icon Foxy's Booty Overload (Chat Icon) Chica Wakes up in Pizza Heaven (Chat Icon) Foxy Spotted some Booty... (chat icon) Foxy Can't Cook (Chat Icon) Freddy Does Not Approve (Chat Icon) Foxy Five Nights at Freddy's Chat Icon Demoman's Crazy Eyebrows (TF2 Chat Icon) Draw Foxy like one of your French Girls (chat icon Chica Saw What You Did There (Chat Icon) Chica does the Chicken Dance! (Chat Icon) Chica's Pizza Withdraw (Chat Icon) All Aboard the Bonnie Train! (Chat Icon) Foxy's Puppy Kisses (Chat Icon) Five Nights at Freddy's Cuties! (Chat Icon) Five Nights at Freddy's Cuties! (Chat Icon) Chica 'Wasted' Chat Icon Chica has Gone Insane (Chat Icon) Chica's Happy Dance (Chat Icon) Bonnie is a Boss (Chat Icon) Foxy Dancing the Hustle! (Chat Icon) Bonnie Gagnam Style lol (Chat Icon) Box of Kawaii Bonnie Overload!! (Chat Icon) Chica's Nope Door Chat Icon Freddy Facepalm Chat Icon Bonnie's NOPE Face  (Chat Icon) Freddy is .... Twerking? (Chat Icon) Bonnie Bruh Chat Icon Foxy Intensifies Chat Icon CHICA INTENSIFIES chat icon Swiggity Swooty, Foxy's Comin 4 Booty (Chat Icon) WOOOOO Bumper Cars! (Bonnie Chat Icon) 
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[F2U!] Mangle Icon Hey isnt my Foxy plushie?
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yep, they stole it!
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[F2U!] Mangle Icon Aww it's okay they can play it ^.^
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