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Chica Saw What You Did....

....and now she's scarred for life!!! Chica Intensifies 

Sorry I couldn't help myself, I just love this video too much:… :mlgmontage: 

The screenshot was edited to remove Freddy and Bonnie.  Pause the video at 1:10 and you'll see what I mean.  I also brightened the image.

UPDATE:  added some text lol

. bonnie chica foxy freddy pizza fnaf 5naf five nights at freddy's freddys chicathechicken fivenightsatfreddys five_nights_at_freddys fnaf2 5naf2 fnaf3 5naf3 five_nights_at_freddys
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She saw Mike posting cringe

;-;-;-;  once  you  see cant unsee it  >:D  out ;-;sans - fuk dis shit im out :D sans - fuk dis shit im out :D sans - fuk dis shit im out :D fuck this shit im out v2 (F2U) 
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chica: and now everything is lava
me: *lies down on the floor*
chica: i said...
andre: i heard what you said.... i heard what you saind
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idk what im saying
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me: i not did nothing even other pizzaria's, no wait
Bread Bread Intensifies LOAF INTENSIFIES Not ready for bready Bready Intensifies Bread. - DHMIS Icon 
Bread Bread     Fainting Toy Freddy Chat Icon: too much BREAD                                 Journey to Become Toast Emote     SHoJS/SJSM - Specimen 1 Sad Toast       Bread    Sandwich  Bread Emoji  Toast  
me: i teleport a bread
Soldier Icon: NO 
Freddy Facepalm Chat Icon:god dammt:Bonnie Facepalm Chat Icon  
me:Gintoki Troll Face Plz 
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I'm so screwed...
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I miss 2014/early 2015. :(
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I'll never forget the "purple guy is phone guy" theory, and those fake animatronic sightings.
MindslashDarkwell's avatar saw me get up, go to the kitchen to get a aspirin and come back? That's great, what do you want, a fucking medal or something? Ugh.
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Whatever... *faceplants on floor*
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I do believe that faceplanting on the floor will be counterproductive to the effects of the Aspirin 
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im was fucking freddy XD
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: Hides stash of kirito Posters : Nothin Hue!
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I think she saw me FAP... D:
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ASDF movie cow with chica mask on: Yes i scorred far life, you want to go skatebords?
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I looked at this and sneezed and i was like "ummm... plz don't hurt me"
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