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Adventure Funtime Freddy Helpy Freakin Dies (Icon)

So.... as everyone knows by now, sneaky Scott Cawthon released FNAF6 in the form of "Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator" and took everyone by surprise.…

So, why not use the game files to make an icon from it staring everyone's favorite character Helpy, from easily my favorite, most funny part of the game.  You can hear the cracking sound just watching the GIF lol.

I'm not dead, but perhaps this icon is a ironic metaphor for my life... and FNAF in general.  I'm still a fan of FNAF though, and always will be, since it changed my life for the better.  I still do hope to create real content again some day, but eh.

Thanks for the 10,000+ watchers and the support as always :)  You guys are the only reason I stick around here anymore lol

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and all of that stuff.  I didn't want 2017 to come and go without an upload, but this is all I got.

See ya around, have a nice day/night :)
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*insert broken spine*

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*Insert Buff Helpy image*

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*insert markiplier laughing*
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Poor him.

I wonder if Funtime freddy is gonna break his next.
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Broken Spine 100. Adventure Funtime Freddy Helpy Freakin Dies (Icon) 
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Welp rip gold94chica (only for icons and deviantions) 
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Adventure Funtime Freddy Helpy Freakin Dies (Icon) Adventure Funtime Freddy Helpy Freakin Dies (Icon) Adventure Funtime Freddy Helpy Freakin Dies (Icon) Sooo amazing!!
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but that helpy.........................
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Okay, I must ask, I've never used these.. "icons" before.. Is it like using #(insert here) or something like that?
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Hi there, thanks for asking!  To use these (any of them on the site) you just have to click on the "+ Add Media" link thing at the bottom left of the comment text box, and then a list will pop up, and you can enter a search term on there and click on the one you want :)
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Ah, thank you so much! It's technically my first time on this, so I'm pretty new to how this works. :D
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I'm glad I could help!  Always happy to :) Let me know if you have any other questions
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I can hear it. And yeah, no-one blames ya for sorta leaving the series. I think the general consensus is that people dropped off after 3, though I found 4 had the best atmosphere personally. It'll be nice to have a proper send-off with UCN (then again, I said that about 4 and 6, yet here we are. At least all those old models are coming back).
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haha yeah, I'm not even sure if FNAF will ever stop coming at this point, though I have been moving on from it since FNAF3 3 years ago.  But, it's still in my heart and part of me and something I do enjoy :)
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I can't believe Helpy fucking died
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when sum1 makes batim r34:

me:Adventure Funtime Freddy Helpy Freakin Dies (Icon) 
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