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Adventure Foxy Chat Icon

Chat emoticon version of Adventure Foxy Full-Body Attack Pose GIF by gold94chica (click for full size)

from the FNAF World trailer…

OK I'm done with the FNAF World GIF spam now lol
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© 2015 - 2021 gold94chica
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Swiggity swooty I am comin for da booty
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*noms on rising crust cheese pizza* Adventure Foxy Chat Icon  Adventure Withered Foxy Chat Icon 
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He's. So. ADORABLE!!! *DED*
FangThePirateFox's avatar
He is munching of imaginary chicken c: Adventure Foxy Chat Icon 
AngryThunder50's avatar
Is so cute... is like he eating a sandwich likeAdventure Foxy Chat Icon NOM NOM NOM NOM
ThelionheartedKnight's avatar
This is a really cute icon!!
ThelionheartedKnight's avatar
Ur welcome the are really cool! 
InterJim1985's avatar
This is an awesome icon ;) May I use it please? :aww:
gold94chica's avatar
Yes you can use it however you want, though the file size is too large to use as your personal icon
InterJim1985's avatar
Ohh I see. Well I'll try anyway, if it doesn't work then that's alright with me :)
Either way, love the icon as well as yours ;)
gold94chica's avatar
yeah you could use a single frame from it maybe, eh.  Thanks!
InterJim1985's avatar
Okay :) and you're welcome!
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Speech Bubble - Right speaker 1BOOOOOOOOTYYYYYYSpeech Bubble - Right speaker 2Adventure Foxy Chat Icon 
FnafLuverGoanimate's avatar
I just want a chat icon for springtrap's amazing walk animation.
Timemaster99's avatar
In case anyone's wondering what it says at the end,
it's: animation freddy gif icon fnaf 5naf fivenightsatfreddy fivenightsatfreddys five_nights_at_freddys scottcawthon gold94chica five nights at freddys freddys fnafworld fnaf_world foxythepirate foxy foxythepi ratefox foxy_the_pirate foxyfivenightsatfreddys foxy_the_pirate_fox fnafworldfoxy
gold94chica's avatar
lol who cares about those, they're just tags
Its-Pyro's avatar
It's funny to see how the "cute" Animatronics aren't the first "cute" animatronics in the FNAF area... thing.
CrashKandicoot's avatar
Its-Pyro's avatar
Because I found it funny, therefore it's funny.
MatthewTheSSGSS's avatar
I still wonder why Foxy is so small in the trailer :/ Weird.
gold94chica's avatar
yeah I'm not sure... just like Foxy's the smallest Splinks model lol
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