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Forgiveness by Gold-Seven Forgiveness by Gold-Seven
Stand up to the blow that fate has struck upon you
Make the most of all you still have coming to you
Lay down on the ground and let the tears run from you
Crying to the grass and trees and heaven finally on your knees

Let me live again, let life come find me wanting
Spring must strike again against the shield of winter
Let me feel once more the arms of love surround me
Telling me the danger’s past, I need not fear the icy blast again

(Genesis, Undertow)

Maedhros, released from the Hall of Mandos, meets his mother again in Valinor. :cry: For the right sort of sad viewing experience, play that Genesis song along with the image. I did that yesterday and it actually made me tear up.

Sketches, lineart, detail shots, ramblings on my blog: [link]

(From J. R. R. Tolkien's Silmarillion... not directly though.)

Mixed media (coffee, watercolour, gouache) on Canson watercolour paper.

Questions about coffee painting and art materials and techniques? Check my FAQ please. :) [link] Or my coffee painting tutorial here. [link]

Note to Game of Thrones Fans
This one's circulating on the net as "Reunion of Sansa and Arya". I have absolutely no idea how this happened, as these are clearly two red-haired people, one of whom is clearly male.
Already people are asking me why I depict Arya as red-haired, and what the heck she's begging forgiveness for.

Lesson learnt: Don't rip art out of context.
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March 18, 2012
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