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Antiochos the Great by Gold-Seven Antiochos the Great by Gold-Seven
Watercolour (Daniel Smith) in Stillman&Birn sketchbook, A4 size. Painted with reference (photo of a marble bust in the Louvre).

Dedicated to :iconcurundil: , who painted Antiochos at my last watercolour workshop and we both agreed that the marble bust in the Louvre showed an extremely noble face. It was fun to paint it. Happy Birthday, Curundil! :)

Antiochos the Third (the Great) of Syria. Lived 242-187 BC, and spent most of his life trying to scramble together parts of Alexander's old realm. When he clashed with the not-so-fledgling-anymore Roman Empire in 192, he had a prominent guest to help with war matters: Hannibal, who had recently sought refuge with him after his home town was going to betray him to Rome. He didn't exactly matter much - Hannibal, used to command all his life, seems to have had serious diplomacy issues in taking a subordinate role to a king, which didn't endear him much to the king's court. Still, when Antiochos had to make peace with Rome again four years later and Rome demanded Hannibal's extradition, the king gave his guest enough of a warning to enable Hannibal to slip away before Rome could get hold of him. You hear that, Prusias? 

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October 23, 2013
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