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All the others, gone by Gold-Seven All the others, gone by Gold-Seven
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Six hundred years ago, Finarfin watched his five children, granddaughter, two brothers, nine nephews*, and niece leave the Blessed Realm to wage war on a dark God in Beleriand.

Now, six hundred years later, he finally enters Beleriand at the head of an Elven army to finally overthrow Morgoth... and finds that the only one left of those above is his daughter Galadriel.

A missing scene I never even realised was there. I found it last week and it was staggering.

From J. R. R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion.

:iconcoffeeplz: Painted with coffee on Hahnemühle Torchon paper. Tutorial's here:Painting with Coffee by Gold-Seven

Note #1: I realised later that there's a chance that, due to Elven dying and being re-embodied in Valinor, there's actually a large chance that Finarfin has met all of his sons and granddaughter again even before this scene takes place... but it will still be over six thousand years before Galadriel finally returns home over the sea... :(

*Note #2: I realise that two of his nephews are still alive - and what an irony that Morgoth wiped out the entire house of Finwë, all except the ones who had sworn eternal hatred towards Morgoth, and who died by the hands of Elves or their own...

Note #3: Oh my God. Front page, and so many comments. :wow: Please forgive me if I don't manage to reply too soon! For questions regarding subject matter, printers and such, could I be so bold as to direct you to my FAQ on my blog? Thank you!
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March 4, 2012
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