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Adding some color to my white people army by Gold-Crown Adding some color to my white people army :icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 6 0
Story Outline: WIP
Story Outline
Act 1 ~ Set up
Act 2 ~ Conflict
Act 3 ~ Resolution         ~*~*~*~*~
Act 1
Set up ~ Introduce Hero & ordinary world
~ Introduction: Elliot is 17 years old. Up until the age of 16, Elliot has lived a normal, close to ideal suburban life. He has two doting parents that can't seem to find much fault in either him nor his sister. He was quite popular at school and has a glowing reputation for his skills in water based sports like swimming and water polo. Outside of the water, he is laid back and sociable. He is easily amused by his best friends Wilhelmina, who treats him like a little brother/son, Lucius, a reformed bully who grew up to be a refined man, and Major, who was the class valedictorian with mad video games and drawing skills.
~ Inciting Incident: Emily was playing out on the street and, to everyone's dismay, has become another statistic in a drunk driving incident.
~ Immediate Reaction: There was a big misunderstanding on everyone's part. Eac
:icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 0 4
A Wish Made: Ch 1 Descension in the Unknown
Elliot felt his body getting pulled by a mysterious force. He was consumed by the darkness that surrounded him. Even if he were to hold his hand out in front of his face, he would not have been able to see it. He couldn't tell which direction he was being dragged in, just that it, whatever it was, was taking him somewhere. He was at its complete mercy. Was this what IT meant by never being born? Was he being erased as his soul gets dragged further and further into the abyss until, finally, he becomes one with the void nothingness? "I guess this is it.." If Elliot's eyes weren't closed before, they were now. His muscles relaxed as he accepted his fate.
Elliot squinted his eyes when a source of bright light appeared in front of him. Elliot grunted and shielded his face with his arms. The glow intensified as the object drew closer to the teenager. Finally, Elliot could not float idly by and ignore its presence any longer. Defeated, Elliot lowered his arms. His gold eyes sparkled with conf
:icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 0 7
A Wish Made: Intro Updated
As of late, the world seemed like it got consumed by a dark hole. The once vibrant colors that make the world bearable seemed to have vanished from existence. All that was left was the fluttering memory of what once was. How did the world become so bleak and hopeless? What was the point of getting out of bed just to repeat the same meaningless routine that humans often find themselves in? It wasn’t like the mundane events of the day would really account to much anyhow. So why?
Elliot hung his head as loud screams protrude their way into his atmosphere. His gold eyes stayed fixated at his clenched knuckles. His parents were in the middle of an ugly divorce, each trying to rob the other blind of all their assets. Although his mother was the one who had the affair, she claimed it was because of the emotional abuse she had to put up with since his sister died. His father would defend himself by stating how he had to work himself to the brim to try to keep up with their lifestyle. The
:icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 1 2
Gift for KRThompsonART by Gold-Crown Gift for KRThompsonART :icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 7 2 Art Trade w Ignisfall3000 by Gold-Crown Art Trade w Ignisfall3000 :icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 5 4 Art Trade w/ majesticmoustache by Gold-Crown Art Trade w/ majesticmoustache :icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 4 8 Happy Test Subject by Gold-Crown Happy Test Subject :icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 7 6 Request by ILovePokespe by Gold-Crown Request by ILovePokespe :icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 3 0 Request by OCbishop by Gold-Crown Request by OCbishop :icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 3 2 Diva Goldsmith Request by Cindypalomacp by Gold-Crown Diva Goldsmith Request by Cindypalomacp :icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 6 5
Are You The Beauty or The Beast: Ch 1 Updated
For most people, the day would have been depicted as beautiful and ideal. The temperature was more than manageable at 75 degrees F with a cool breeze keeping it down in the mid sixties. There were fluffy white clouds dancing across the light blue sky. The birds were chirping along as they bathed in the sun's ray. Yes, just a beautiful summer day for everyone without a single care or worry. Unfortunately, Rexington was not one of those summer-loving individuals.
At this point, Rexington was already fed up with the insects. If he wasn't worried about blowing his cover, he would have gladly burned the gnat that kept insisting on following him like some teenage fangirl to a speck of ashes. Rexington pushed the thought away and continued his hike upwards towards the top of the mountain. The research material that he gathered prior to today's trip suggested that the spot would provide him with an ideal vantage point of the construction site. After half an hour of hiking, the trees and vegeta
:icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 0 6
Request by cacicarseat by Gold-Crown Request by cacicarseat :icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 11 6
Are you the beauty or the beast: Intro
It was hard being the middle child. More often than not, the attention of the parents are divided among their children, with the eldest and the youngest having most of the share. No one knew this better than Rexington. He was the San’s second born- though he doubt he would be seeing much of anything when his parents die. If he was lucky, he would probably receive one million dollars. An amount not even the elderly can survive on. Now, it wasn’t that Rexington couldn’t stretch the money and make enough turn overs and profit to set him for life. He had enough wisdom and smarts in him to discern a profitable investment from a fruitless one. It was more so the fact that, as the middle, he seldom ever gets the recognition he deserved. In fact, very few knew that he was Mr. Ivor San’s son. Even fewer knew what he did for the company… Oh how he missed those days.
Rexington’s life began to make a 180 when he and the CEOS of the San Company were summoned to t
:icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 1 3
Fear Practice: Lineart by Gold-Crown Fear Practice: Lineart :icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 2 11 Request for ShadowAngelBlood by Gold-Crown Request for ShadowAngelBlood :icongold-crown:Gold-Crown 2 2


Frills by Naussi Frills :iconnaussi:Naussi 208 49 Outfit design - 218  - closed by LotusLumino Outfit design - 218 - closed :iconlotuslumino:LotusLumino 902 48 Braids by GUWEIZ Braids :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 1,809 51 EASY EYE TUTORIAL by ryky EASY EYE TUTORIAL :iconryky:ryky 3,471 105 Natsue by Cindypalomacp Natsue :iconcindypalomacp:Cindypalomacp 3 4 Babu by Cindypalomacp Babu :iconcindypalomacp:Cindypalomacp 5 4 Sasha- OC by Cindypalomacp Sasha- OC :iconcindypalomacp:Cindypalomacp 1 0 .::Redo Meme::. Ash by SakiCakes .::Redo Meme::. Ash :iconsakicakes:SakiCakes 8 5 AskMSAEdmundDepaul 19# by AR-ameth AskMSAEdmundDepaul 19# :iconar-ameth:AR-ameth 74 50 Iori Yagami by VictorBang Iori Yagami :iconvictorbang:VictorBang 204 11 Magus Sisters by VictorBang Magus Sisters :iconvictorbang:VictorBang 285 10 How to paint hair Detailed . Voice over tutorial. by sakimichan How to paint hair Detailed . Voice over tutorial. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 3,960 57 Hinata .NSFW optional. by sakimichan Hinata .NSFW optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 21,882 552 cotton Candy Bunny by sakimichan cotton Candy Bunny :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 7,533 120 :58: by Naussi :58: :iconnaussi:Naussi 169 39
This is just a reminder to myself... because I keep saying yes way too many times XD

1:  Dizzy for MaxxNCheez

2: Mechapuff R2 for ppgrainbow

3:  Dragon Spirit(Colored) by Daniela0114 Samuria for my darling friend Daniela0114

4: Layla by KRTArt Layla and for KRThompsonART (( because it's long well overdue u///u;
5: <da:thumb id="540619884"/> Conner for Covert15 by July 31
6: Infinite art trade with GyaruHoney 
7:A young lady, she has round eyes the colour of red bricks set in a dark-skinned face and straight, soot-black hair wound into a complex braid beneath a hood. She wears bright red robes, bound up with a bright orange sash; two long feathery antennae peek out from beneath the hood. --> J-B-Hickock

List of wants to draw/write/etc
1: Lewis from Mystery Skull <3
2: Esparanza -> Forest personified
3: Chastity -> Plant animal :3 ( probably a puppy )
4: Finish writing story for Epifania and Rexington 
  • Listening to: bridge over troubled water - bebe and cece winans
  • Reading: Bible
  • Watching: Art tutorials and youtube gospel music video
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Panda Express for breakfast
  • Drinking: water and tea


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Hello, darling. Please allow me to introduce myself...
My age is truly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. THE LORD preserves me and keeps me young. So, for all case and purposes, I am simply that. I aspire to operate in the gifts that THE LORD has blessed me with and use them to give HIM glory. I'm very grateful that THE LORD has given me a voice to sing, hands to create, a mind pliable for learning, and knowledge to teach.

May the good LORD bless your heart.


Traditional Art Full Body
Head shot in tradition Media for 100 pts
Half body in tradition Media for 120 pts
Full body in traditional Media for 150 pts

Extra for shading 
Extra for background

scantily clad males and females
Anything perverted or highly suggestive. So do not ask.
Yaoi or Yuri... It goes against my religion. Can't do. Won't do.
Digital Media Head shot
No yaoi or yuri 
Nothing vile or gruesome 
Nothing highly suggestive or perverted
Digital Media Half Body
No yuri or yaoi
Nothing perverted or highly suggestive
no scantily clad people
Nothing gruesome or vile
Digital Media Full Body
Full Body in digital Media for 250 pts

Extra for shading
Extra for background
Extra for each added character/animal/etc.

Yaoi or Yuri
Sorry. It goes against my religion.
Nothing perverted or highly suggestive
Nothing gruesome or terribly violent


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