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I am GXVL (Garcia XV Legend) from YouTube. Here I submit my Original Artwork & other Deviations to express myself (let it be Reviews, Stamps, & Controversy Memes).

I have Autism & consider myself to be an Average Joe. Criticism is up most appreciated to see if I can improve on my Content (such as Artwork, Videos, Written Reviews, & Fan-Edits) & my own Faults/Flaws. I can be Unintentionally Rude, Mean, Mad, & Ignorant/Naïve (or straight-up Dumb) so I do try my best to be Civil, Level-Headed, & Reasonable.

I love Music, Movies, Animation, Sit-Coms, and Fine-Art especially Music. Rock & Techno are my most favorite genre while I enjoy listening to most different types of music that I consider either as a Guilty Pleasure, Cheesy, Nostalgic, or even something that sounds so STELLAR!

I am very strict on being Non-Political: I am very against politicizing Human-Life/Nature while I do support Diversity/Equality BUT in a somewhat 'Different Fashion' so-to speak, I'm neither Republican/Conservative nor Democratic/Liberal whatsoever but do have tendencies of both views. | I am a Christian (raised Catholic at first): I am not one of those Uptight/Strict Type of Christians/Catholics, I do believe in the God of Creation, I watch ALFC [Abundant Living Faith Center] online which is a Church that I regularly go to, and I do help n' care for Innocent People. I just happen to have a much more Open Mind, try to be Logical, and not push my own Religious Beliefs in people's throats by being Irrational/Immoral.

Dislikes/Despise: Broccoli | Murderers/Terrorists | Rapists/Molesters | Incest/Pedophilia | Politics | Harassment/Bullying | Snowflake Punks/Façade People | Futanari | NSFW Lolis/Shotas | Fetishes [mainly Farting/Crap, Fatness/Vore, & Diapers] |

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Favourite Visual Artist
Aashan | Akira Toriyama | Bruce Timm | Salvamokoto | RavenRavenRaven | Genndy Tartakovsky | AtomicKingBoo | Sonson-Sensei | Schpicy | BlueTheBone
Favourite Movies
Jurassic Park (Franchise) | DragonHeart (1st Film) | TMNT (1990s) [Pt. 3 doesn't exist to me] | LOGAN | Man Of Steel | Disney's Tarzan | Kung Fu Panda | SpaceBalls | Good Burger | Godzilla (Franchise) | Ratatouille | Hotel Transylvania | RoboCop 1987
Favourite TV Shows
Dragon Ball | Power Rangers | Kim Possible | Kenan & Kel | Elfen Lied | Ed-Edd-n'-Eddy | Digimon [Gen 01 to Frontier] | The Last Airbender (2005) | Superman TAS | Kids Next Door | X-Men (1990s) | Kyle-XY | TMNT 2012 | Miraculous | She-Ra 2018 |
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Linkin Park | Disturbed | Breaking Benjamin | RED [Christian Metal] | Slipknot/Stone Sour | Seether | TRAPT | Metallica | Journey | Five Finger Death Punch | Ricky Martin | Shakira | Hollywood Undead | Cult To Follow | Divide Music [YouTube Artist]
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Jurassic Park (Novel) | The Loch [Steve Alten] | Dragon Ball (Manga) | Harley Quinn (New 52 Comics) | Street Fighter Legends: CAMMY | Superman: End of the Century | X-Men '92: Warzone | Battle For The Grid
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Sly Cooper | Crash 4: It's About Time | Mortal Kombat | Dragon Quest 8 | Persona 3 | Link's Awakening 2019 | Sonic Adventure (Games) | InFamous (series) | Pokemon: Silver | Shantae | Dishonored | Batman: Arkham [series] | Super Mario Odyssey
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Fighting Games | Action-Adventure | RPG | Puzzle
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Ruler | Crayola Brand Colored Pencils (100 Rich. Vibrant Colors) | Metal Cylinder | Number 2 Pencils | Prismacolor Colored Pencils | Sharpener | Blank White Sheets of Paper | Miniature Erasers |
Ladies & Gentlemen (mostly Gentlemen though) I present to you the Legendary Tier List of Female Toon Crushes! I worked very hard on this (over 500 but hey whose counting) if you think you have truly done the "Ultimate Toon Crush Tier List" that me & Saberspark took that so-called Challenge then might as well give this a try unless you're a chicken (I mean this to encourage you folks as a challenge than actually insulting you so I apologize for that remark):
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So that New He-Man Series is out or should I call it by it's proper name "Masters of the Universe: Revelation"... I'm not bothering watching it because it was a bait-n-switch & that Kevin Smith lied. I don't hold any grudge nor malice towards the guy but I never heard of the dude until I watched a video from Glove & Boots (the Mario and Fafa Show) so just basing on the guys outlook... I had a gut feeling that there was something off about him that I didn't like nor trust (simple as that) yet apparently there was that time period where people like or love the guy up until he "changed" when it comes to working at California so now people don't like nor respect him as they used to which I don't blame them. I've seen the 2000s He-Man incarnation when I was little, right now it's only vague memories of it sadly but I know I actually liked it. I just find it odd that, like it or not, I would say She-Ra 2018 is a bit way more honest in terms of it's direction/angle (which is why said "like it
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MCU Taskmaster shows how Phase 4 will initially be

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They COMPLETELY changed Taskmaster for the MCU. Apparently there's an Antonia Dreykov/Taskmaster who has NEVER existed in Marvel's Comic Books WAY before hand. It's a Movie Only Iteration for the MCU (not "Parallel" nor "Alternative" Universe, THE Cinematic Universe, it's not MPU nor MAU since that is what it's officially called) where Thor, Cap. America/Steve Rogers, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Hulk/Bruce Banner, & 'Spider-Man/Peter Parker' [a new take on the character whose mentor is Iron Man but bare in mind that is who is supposed to be]. We get a Female Tokenization of Taskmaster who doesn't have the last name "Masters". Taskmaster's full name is Anthony Masters while having the nickname "Tony" so I strongly doubt that both their Backstories are remotely the same or similar. She may wear Taskmaster's Outfit, act like Taskmaster, & display abilities/attacks like Taskmaster but sadly she isn't THE Taskmaster at all. If she is supposed to be an "Original Character" then why is she using the
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