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+TUTORIAL-Feet drawing guide+

By goku-no-baka
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Im very Sorry for my english XD' I did my best haha;

:iconblue-tplz::iconblue-oplz::iconblue-eplz::iconblue-splz: - Now I am aware of this term, but I wasnt before I made this tutorial XD So yeah in polish we do not have specific term for toes, hence it's called "feet fingers" (we call it this way XD; ) so excuse me for funny term used in this tutorial.


Many people asked me to make feet tutorial, so here it is!
I hope It will be helpfull !:)

If you have any sugestions what would you like to see on next tutorial, leave it in comments!


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DarkCrowStudios mira, esto se ve útil para nosotros :'3 
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YEEEYYYY 😊😊😊😊 gracias linda :3 💙💙💙 me servira muchito muchas muchas gracias 😊😊😊😚😚😚💙💜
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your feet fingers. hand them over.

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If you wanna know another way to make sure your foot is big enough

Make sure it's the size of the forearm, or a taaaad smaller
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My foot is deformed so I guess I'm searching up feet pictures on Google... ._______.
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Comparing one I did today with a foot drawing I did about 2 years ago showed a major improvement (still not good) but I'll check again in about a month, after some more practice.  Thanks for the lesson.
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What a sweet tutorial:COM: Hutuoko X Momo 
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This is nice. And "Feet fingers" makes sense.
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My God Feet Best Draw Ever
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This tutorial is very useful!
Also, i know that it wasn't on purpose, but i enjoyed the use of 'Feet Fingers' as apposed to toes. XD
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huzzah for feet fingers!
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this is incredibly useful.  thank you so much!
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Another pain when it comes to drawing...I loved the way you referred to toes! Adorable! *v*
Thanks for the tutorial!
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Great tutorial! x3 And also, it's said the foot is about the same length as one's forearm.
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Awesome! Thanks!
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Omg I searched for a tutorial like that for years, thank you!
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Thanks, this a great help.
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I struggle with hands, feet, and butts. I've saved your tutorials and will hopefully, with a little practice, finally be able to draw them with ease--instead of constantly trying to make poses that hide them. @_@ Oh yes, everyone just happens to be standing so that their feet/hand/butt are hidden. That's completely natural. XD Thanks again, for all of these.
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I printed this tutorial out to help me with feet so I hope that is okay.  Thank you for making a helpful tutorial~
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Thank you for the tutorial!:)
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