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Theres another tutorial. Phear ;D

Tutorialed picture in ful wiew :)
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Jan 19, 2006, 5:12:27 PM
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I was just wondering, what kind of tools do you use? This would be really helpful, thanks. :)
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such a nice tutorialll... how about posting this tutorial in so you can inspirate more artist with this amazing tutorial? you could help more artist there :)
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OH my goodness who are you? Are you a professional?
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ciao!! complimentissimi, è davvero un bel disegno il tuo, soprattutto i colori!
io sto cominciando ora a usare le ecoline, ma per la pelle quali colori hai usato? *_*
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the lamp under the glass is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OMG I freaking love this toutrial..
and the girl is goregeus <3(<-have no freaking idea how to spell that word yet XD)
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is ecoline the brand of watercolors?
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sort of, yeah XD
Its like watercolor on steroids XD
Its already liquid and have very intense colors.
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Lovely!! Thanks a lot!!! I just have a question, wich colors did you used on skin?
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thank u so so so sooo much for introducing me to that n for ur unfailing generosity! 0.0 *touched*
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A-Amazing!!!! *O*

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owww... that's a amazing work....
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Lovely! thnks!
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What is color you use for the skin? Because I use too Ecoline, but I don't find the good color. ^^"""
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thank you. it's amaze.
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awesome, Amazing work, Thanks for sharing
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What do you think is the main difference between liquid and non-liquid(?) watercolour? Why to use one and not the other?
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liquid is easier to work with (for me at least)
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thank you ^ ^
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It's beautiful ç_ç ,
i really thank you for the tutorial
i will bought the ecoline soon

Sorry my bad english ^_^' but i'm italian!
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I´m sorry if this question has already been said but can you please tell me how to make a skincolour like this with ecoline ? :(
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ah mam pytanko jedne takie małe ^^; albowiem mam problem z dobraniem ecoliny do koloru skóry jednak w mandze jest bardziej "zółciejsza" niż ludzka
więc z tąd moje pytanko : jakich kolorów używasz do malowania skóry? ^^;
albo czy mieszasz kolory i czy tak to jakie? ^^;

i srsly podziwiam że tworzysz takie cuda zwykłą ecoliną O_O
myślałam że to markery są >.<
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