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+Commission OCs and Fan art designs+

Bunch of orginal stuff, commission fan arts and headshots :D
Timelapses, Hi res PSD and commentaries available on my Patreon!…

From Left top:
Commission for Nida, Yuu from Owari no Seraph,
Bottom left:
OC Kerin, OC Rei, Patreon reward for Kim, Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria.
Got a bunch more but I post It some other time D:

Im sorry for ignroing notes, I am doing my best to catch up with them (I have around 700 so my apologies, It might take a while >_< )
If Its something urgent, please use my e mail!
gokunobaka [at]
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Zakochałam się w Kerinie la in love 
NyonDragon's avatar
Yuu-chan! Love him! Awesome work. I always love looking at your artwork!!
shadowknightpaladin's avatar
bby mikleo--- you're too good at this : ))
UsagiYogurt's avatar
These are so awesome. Great detail and poses.
Human-Toaster's avatar
Tak bardzo dobre ;~; Ten Meebo 1 ugh moje serce dsaifhsjahguiwskf
Strasznie też podobają mi się rysunki z Patreon rewarda, i wszystkie szczegóły na komiszu na samej górze, i w ogóle, i w ogóle ;~;
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This looks awesome! Nice work!
Ashirogi28's avatar
what software do you use?
KyotoPhoenix's avatar
Awesome commission set!
Aurigael's avatar
really beautiful :) my fave is the girl with the horns
NedIZ's avatar
My fave is Namir of course <33 but your OC Rei looks so cool tooNeko Girl-13 (Fangirling Sparkles) [V1] 
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These are beautifully done!!
ColferBookEnthusiast's avatar
You did a really great job with the commissions and I really like your OCs. :) I adore your attention to detail! :love: Your drawings are so pretty! :meow: Well done! :D
loner911's avatar
terrific work!!!
akittyk's avatar
I love your style! and the coloring is well done!! :D
Peaniko's avatar
The guy in the top left has a beautiful character design. Very rich color pallet and detailed without looking over done, I really like it!
aj6223's avatar
The one in the top right reminds me of Kirito from SAO >.<
YayksLixz's avatar
FallenAngelGM's avatar
Pretty cool! Love the designs!
HOW - The Lamarey Bros. Fanart Contest by FallenAngelGM
insanity-pillz's avatar
. . . wait. I don't remember Mickey getting a tiara.
clumsydemonwithfire's avatar
These look great!!! Well done! :D
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