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+BeastHunt manga preview+



for those who actually read stuffs:

A preview cuz i am frustrated D:
i wanna finish it and now because of harddisc failure i've wrote many times already about, i've lost 33 screentoned pages of pr0no 'guardian angel' comic which goes to dramaqueen, i must screentone it againnn D: and must drop like everything to do it D: i have deadline on 20'th like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO D; *does piercing scream like obi-wan when qui-gon gt pwned*

i wanna finish this non-gaynesss :c
ahh i'm soo hooked up on shounen lately ,and you know what ?D: I've finnaly seen DGRAY man anime LOL! the fast me <3 and lol i wouldnt like it if not kanda, omg when i saw it i went like "OMG IT'S LIKE ANIMATED JIDAII KYAA~ KYAA~ "

it is a funny feeling, when you do something, you think that 'ohh i am sooo orginall noone did that before meee" and then you see something totally alike and you are not sure, should you be happy or cry rivers cursing and swearing at it's creator?
well if not the jidai's desing i've made when i still was a n00b and which was made LONG before DGRaY manga, i would propably cry rivers, but well thanks to it i dont care *laughs madly*

so yeah, a word that he looks like kanda and i'll kill you :heart:
It's kanda who looks like him cuz jidai was first! duh!

Also jidais personality is sooo dieferentD: Kanda's like traumatized emo kid, jidai's more likie.. dunno.. he's just dumb lol. Take a japanese person, settle this person in totally dieferent country and you'll get what i mean lol. that would do funny reality show by the way.

so yeah, that will be edited someday, when i finish remaining 5 pages and i catch :iconmsakaji: to do the trans for me. he has sucha fluent english cuz he is englishman, and he translate things so fast that i trly hate him. yes you suck.

what is it about? i wonder *lol*
overall about two n00b warriorswannabe getin some experience in life and everything, so yeah a shounen comedy i think. I've did this oneshot story not related to tru plot (which WILL BE written someday) by radittz, cuz i wanted to try my skils at writing a comedy. and i FAILED D;
i suck and i should be burnt, so yeah, if trans comes, i'll let you kno, but i wont post it here.
there's already enough people who wants my death haha.

Okay i'm too talkative, i shouldnt be cuz noone really reads artists comments xD

Will be scrapped later:P

Beast hunt(c) me and radittz
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woah, he does look like kanda! :D