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She says my name - pg14

She said it !

Cover :[link]
Previous : [link]

Isn't it cute? ^^

I tried to make this page as magnificent as the previous one :D

Oh my god this is the last page! yes it is, I said it would be 14 or 15 pages, and... number 14 is here... I'm gonna work on a cool back cover and credits but that's it for this one.

"what? that's it???"
Well, they were in a hospital room... what they were doing was bad enough XD

However, I would really like to do a sequel, more like a serie of short stories about those 2 in different situations (sweet smexy moments :P) (gosh I'm such a pervert... *shame*)

Ok my brain just started boiling with ideas!!!

So Enjoy!!!! I really hope you liked this doujinshi, it was my first one ever and I'm satisfied, even a little proud ^^

Pairing : Naruto and Sakura (Narusaku)
Manga/Anime: Naruto
Story and Art: Gokfeuns
Characters: Masashi Kishimoto
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I love this comic and NaruSaku!! ❤️❤️❤️
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I always love this<3
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omg YES! i love it, please do more T_T
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very cute. I like <3
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lol my feel my heat my body what did you do to me now xD
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OMG Neko Girl-13 (Fangirling Sparkles) [V1] nose bleed  ASDFGHJKL!!!!!
:D love this so much great job! 
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wow..... do more
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YOSH! Strike!! Ole! tifahurrplz 
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I loved it!(≧∇≦)
Oowwwwww I like it
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it is last? i was not satisfied :P
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oh...oh shit!!! I think I've fainted. Run Away Omg-im-happy2 Ole! MexSatan GIF Emote fail ^w^||| 
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i see all!! >.<♥ asdfghjkl soo cute !!
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Hot in here!!!
I fell in love with this :3
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Please make make sequels of this story :) it's simply amazing and you should be proud you deserve it
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