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A fanfic author and would-be Elfen Lied expert. Lacking the talent I see here, my submissions will be limited. But all Elfen Lied contributors are invited to create a Fanworks page on the Elfen Lied Wiki. Advert your stuff, and talk a little bit about what your goals and approach are. We'd like the wiki to be as complete as possible, and that certainly includes fan-listings. The Wiki also contains full manga chapter and anime episode summaries, as well as broader manga arc summaries, and we've just started doing complete anime transcripts. Not to mention complete articles on every single character of note. So stop by and make your fanworks known. Rules for page creation are found here : elfen-lied.wikia.com/wiki/Cate…

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Happy Birthday! BTW I just thought you should know I'm Lambdadelta of the Absolute over on Fanfiction.net.