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Totally Hypno Smoking 2

part 1…

This image was made by an artist who wishes to remain unspoken, please do not try to comment who you think it is out of respect for their wishes.

there is a large story on my Fur Affinity page that you can easily find if you search Gojiro7 on the site because I don't want to deal with DA just deleting this image for whatever stupid reason they want.

the diolage in the image should give you enough context to know the WOOHP girls got caught by the villain and are now gonna end up on their side "completely by choice" 
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© 2021 Gojiro7
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I am glad you are still showing such wonderful colour images on deviantart.

Gojiro7's avatar

we'll see if it lasts, DA is still giving me shit, even for the things i've censored down to being a giant blur of pixels -_-

AnonymousPrettyGirl's avatar

I cannot unsee those hands.

People will realise soon enough.

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in the full story I wrote on FA, the hand thing is a temporary binding.

Vincent060's avatar

This is great work and I love their appearances and the story.

Gojiro7's avatar

glad you like it ^_^ theres more to come in time

FascinationUniformed's avatar

You are inspiring some dangerous ideas.

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I cannot be held accountable for the chaos it brings ;)

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