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My Bio
I am Gojiro Yasokuma, the Samurai Color Artisan and with me is my lovely assistant and friend Nyueki Hime.

I seek out artists from all courners of the devient relm and see if they will take on the challange of drawing the oddities that spring forth from my mind, many of which only appeal to me but im happy to give some joy to those who enjoy the things I do ^^

I am never without my trusty sword "Pendoru-jin" who is the embodyment of my artistic spirt, it has my personal ink brush chained to its hilt so I can color when the mood strikes me. Im only a yellow belt Martial artist and I have no formal training in the art of Bushido but I Practice with my Bokken when ever I get the chance or when im working out. I am a pacafist by nature but I would never hesitate to draw my sword on someone who cause physical or mental harm to others.

I wear a Green Gei that bares my personal Creedo on the back, the Symbol of the "RFI" which brings me great luck when heated sword fight.

Favourite genre of music: Nostalgic stuff
Favourite style of art: colored pencil
Skin of choice: ???? seriously what the #$%& does that mean?
Favourite cartoon character: Solid Snake, Vash the Stampede, Kenshin Himura, Ash (evil dead), Dan smith, Dante, Jak, Bayonetta
Personal Quote: "Keep those eyes open" from Cowboy Bebop episode 1

Favourite Visual Artist
Sebastian of bastianmage.com
Favourite Movies
Kill bill, Evil dead II, Planet Terror, and Monty Pithon and the holly grail
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Blue Oyster cult
Favourite Games
megaman legends, Way of the samurai, Odin Sphere, monster hunter, Disgaea, valkuria chronicles, MK9
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2 (hail to the console king)
Tools of the Trade
Cheap Colored Pencils
Other Interests
Video Games, collecting things from japan, Lego sculpturing, and coloring Bastianmage & Devient

I Quit by Gojiro7, journal

I Quit, im done, im through putting content on Devient art, im sick of dealing with their BS paper thin wet blanket rules, im sick of dickheads thinking I draw images so they can get try and get free images from me, Im fed up with the utter wastes o
Someones trying to get my art banned, so if you like the Korra punishment pic, please save it as a personal back up before DA uses their paper thin reasoning to have it removed.

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I gotta ask :D

What got you into drawing your "mutation" TF themed art?

A certain scene/cartoon show trigger it?

and why mutation specifically? (i admit i do find mutation, body warping and changing to be quite unique compared to all other TF's)

I can actually answer that pretty specifically.

I always enjoyed TFing, I used to record any I found on TV with VHS blank tapes, but it was about 8 or so years ago that a online friend of mine showed me a clip from a show made by the same crew who made Totally Spies called "Team Galaxy" and in one particular episode, the hot girl of the group gets turned into what is best described as a mutant, you can see for yourself here https://youtu.be/2ZHg2apE89g?t=848

ever since then i've found a fascination in blending the unordinary elements of a mutative form while maintaing as much of their human shape as possible to create a kind of morbid beauty

"morbid beauty" i too find beauty in things most find scary

Mileena - mortal kombat

the xenomorph and xenomorph queen - Alens :D

yeah, I cant say I myself find beauty in either of those (though I do like sexy parodies/homages of the Xenomorphs) but its nice that we share the same kind of appreciation for finding some beauty in things that put others on edge

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Happy Birthday!

Check my journal if you want the full story about that forum post.