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Nyueki - Undertale foe by Gojiro7, visual art

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My Bio
I am Gojiro Yasokuma, the Samurai Color Artisan and with me is my lovely assistant and friend Nyueki Hime.

I seek out artists from all courners of the devient relm and see if they will take on the challange of drawing the oddities that spring forth from my mind, many of which only appeal to me but im happy to give some joy to those who enjoy the things I do ^^

I am never without my trusty sword "Pendoru-jin" who is the embodyment of my artistic spirt, it has my personal ink brush chained to its hilt so I can color when the mood strikes me. Im only a yellow belt Martial artist and I have no formal training in the art of Bushido but I Practice with my Bokken when ever I get the chance or when im working out. I am a pacafist by nature but I would never hesitate to draw my sword on someone who cause physical or mental harm to others.

I wear a Green Gei that bares my personal Creedo on the back, the Symbol of the "RFI" which brings me great luck when heated sword fight.

Favourite genre of music: Nostalgic stuff
Favourite style of art: colored pencil
Skin of choice: ???? seriously what the #$%& does that mean?
Favourite cartoon character: Solid Snake, Vash the Stampede, Kenshin Himura, Ash (evil dead), Dan smith, Dante, Jak, Bayonetta
Personal Quote: "Keep those eyes open" from Cowboy Bebop episode 1

Favourite Visual Artist
Sebastian of bastianmage.com
Favourite Movies
Kill bill, Evil dead II, Planet Terror, and Monty Pithon and the holly grail
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Blue Oyster cult
Favourite Games
megaman legends, Way of the samurai, Odin Sphere, monster hunter, Disgaea, valkuria chronicles, MK9
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2 (hail to the console king)
Tools of the Trade
Cheap Colored Pencils
Other Interests
Video Games, collecting things from japan, Lego sculpturing, and coloring Bastianmage & Devient
I'm looking to help a friend, if your an artist who is interested in doing trades with him, click here for more info
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Im looking to help out a friend, their looking for artists who are willing to do image trades in exchange for their image editing like seen on their twitter here https://twitter.com/AspieMaster?s=20&t=AC3T6z7zldEGg5EJ9fW2GA if your interested in any kind of exchange or working arrangement, contact them either at their twitter or their seldom used DA page https://www.deviantart.com/blu3h3art Im hoping someone is willing to try to do a trade and help him, if anyones interested please contact him. Thank you very much for your time, expect more images from me in the near future :3
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https://twitter.com/GojirosArtDojo I've been posting on my Twitter alot more often then here for various reasons, so if you want to see more stuff that I cant fully show here, please check out my twitter page GojirosArtDojo
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Thanks for the watch.

Thanks for the faves.

Hey there.

I've got an idea for a conclusion to that Ravebo universe I created a dialogue for.

Years down the road, Ravebo's still doing shows, gambling, and occasionally adding new cards to her deck (albeit carefully and selectively to avoid meeting her Boy Blunder on business). She and Nightwing have an ongoing, pseudo-relationship that's, ironically, more stable than Batman and Catwoman's.

Then a new Crisis comes (one that threatens to reset their universe), and as the heroes start falling in the chaos (including some of the Titans), Ravebo comes to finally add a certain King to her deck (having waited to collect after not telling Nightwing/Robin that cheating in one of their games allowed this).

Essentially, Ravebo's hat can protect her and her magical property (even from a universal reset), and as her card/pillow/boyfriend, the former Boy Wonder qualifies. After a quick Las Vegas wedding, Ravebo takes her new husband/King of Clubs/pillow into her top hat to wait out the reset.

In the new version of Earth, Ravebo continues to put on her shows while enjoying the company of her version of Nightwing and their daughter. She's in no hurry to meet the new version of the Teen Titans, but on the off-chance she meets this Earth's Raven, she's got lots of tips and suggestions to offer (like Poker Night at Titans Tower).

What do you think?

Not bad ^_^ nice work on with the source material

Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

I’m not always fond of such changes In continuities (that is, DC’s many Crises spanning the multiverse), but I make exceptions. This felt... fitting. Ravebo seems chaotic enough to have compassion while also being self-serving. I didn’t mention this in the previous comment, but I imagine that the Graysons aren’t the only survivors from the previous Earth. Ravebo and Nightwing have no idea if anyone outside of the hat escaped being wiped out. They do know, however, that Ravebo’s deck was far from empty when she turned her boyfriend into a card. One of them is Jinx. Also, I imagine that the daughter (I’ll think of a name later) inherited Ravebo’s powers and doesn’t require a hat or wand to use them. And like her parents, she’s an entertainer deep down. (Her father was a circus boy before becoming Robin, after all).

Oh hey, ofc my Reflekta summoned Gojiro to my page, hehe.

Thank you and welcome. Love your Reflekta stuff~