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Legacies of the Zerg - Introduction
The fleets were moving into position over Aiur. For the first time in the history of the Koprulu Sector, Zerg, Terrans, and Protoss forces were united against a common foe. The twisted Xel’naga calling itself Amon had chosen Aiur to begin its galactic conquest, enslaving Protoss that had tried to liberate the world and the Zerg that remained around the dead Overmind as well. Worse, it seemed that he was using both to begin construction of a physical form with which to enter the physical universe based on his powerful Hybrids. They could not permit that to happen, what little they knew of Amon suggested that such a manifestation would
Harry Potter: Adoptive Kaiju - Finale
The mountain was gone. Godzilla stood overlooking its remains and the other kaiju had ceased tearing into their meal’s remains to look at what had happened and beheld a horrific sight. With a terrible wail the darkness surged out of the crater in a black tide that carried Godzilla down the crater’s slopes and back to his allies. Surviving quintapeds shrieked in fear and fled from the horror that reigned over their island now, diving into the sea in a suicidal frenzy born of sheer terror. As the shadows climbed toward the sky, the kaiju of Monster Island bellowed their challenges. They would not suffer the abominable night to liv
Harry Potter: Adoptive Kaiju - Chapter 32
The Isle of Drear had few structures standing on it, and none worthy of a Dark Lord, so once the hordes of Quintapeds had been sent to die and Yog began mutating the creatures that they had brought back Voldemort had instructed his followers to create him a domicile. They had responded with desperate creativity, rapidly hollowing and reshaping a mountain to serve as a tower from which he could overlook the heart of his new domain. The result was a rather imposing sight, a pillar of enchanted stone and earth that housed both loyal followers and nightmarish horrors that he could unleash upon the world. But today was different. Today Yog and
Harry Potter: Adoptive Kaiju - Chapter 31
Monster Island was a warzone. The researchers had sealed themselves in the recently completed command center and radioed for help, but it would be some time before any response could come. For now all they could do was watch the battle as the kaiju defended themselves from the invading hordes. Each of the invading creatures was enormous, their five limbs covered in thick, shaggy fur. Each limb ended in an ape-like hand, the finger-tips armed with razor sharp claws. But the worst by far were their heads. While their jaws took up a majority of their central body, and their teeth were large and intimidating, the researchers found themselves ch
Harry Potter: Adoptive Kaiju - Chapter 30
Harry was currently sparring with Neville in the Come and Go Room under supervision of Filch’s replacement caretaker, a much kinder man by the name of Patrick, who had a big friendly dog named Clover. Unlike Filch - a bitter squib who for some inexplicable reason was assigned with policing an entire castle of magical children - Patrick only had one real job; keep unauthorized students out of the Come and Go Room. He was allowed to have Clover in case a student tried to sneak past him with invisibility. Harry had already tried once just to see if he could. The invisibility cloak was being washed to get the dog drool out. Harry was foc
Harry Potter: Adoptive Kaiju - Chapter 29
“You’re kidding.” Hermione looked stunned. “Hermione, after all the things I’ve done, been through, and told you, this is what you call into question?” “There is no way any twelve year old - even you - is an official UN delegate!” Harry showed her his ID card. It read, “Harry James Potter, UN/MSU-Monster Island Liaison.” Interpreting her stunned expression as needing further explanation, Harry elaborated, “As a human adopted by a kaiju who can communicate with both them and ordinary humans, I am considered completely unique in all of human history.” He sighed and cont
Harry Potter: Adoptive Kaiju - Chapter 28
“Normally I would not be so petty as to use this phrase in a diplomatic meeting, but considering the childish reactions of the wizarding world thus far, I am left with no choice but to say we told you so.” These were some of the opening words of the first muggle to address the International Confederation of Wizards, specifically referring to the fate of Azkaban. “In the days leading up to the destruction of Azkaban Prison our representatives across the world warned you time and time again that Godzilla would not take kindly to one he saw as family being locked away. In response you obliviated them - removed their very memo
Harry Potter: Adoptive Kaiju - Chapter 27
 It was a calm few days for Harry, Godzilla, and his newly free — and apparently shapeshifting — godfather Sirius Black. Without his rage keeping him going, Godzilla was sluggish in the cold of the North Sea, so he was taking the trio the long way home: across the Atlantic, over Panama, into the Pacific, and then straight to Monster Island. In the meantime, Harry and Sirius kept shocking each other; it would’ve been comical but for the severity of their situations. Sirius had gone first, by virtue of having to explain why there was an emaciated man where the dog had been moments ago. Apparently, Harry’s father &#8212
Harry Potter: Adoptive Kaiju - Chapter 26
Harry, blissfully unaware of the ICW’s decision, eventually found himself on the Hogwarts Express with all the students heading back to the castle after the new year, reunited with Neville, Hermione, and Luna. Hermione haunted them all with a nightmarish description of being able to hear, but unable to do anything else while petrified, prompting a group hug as everyone tried to comfort her. According to the rumors, everyone who’d been petrified for longer than a few days needed to be seen by a specialist. “But then why didn’t they try to wake everyone sooner?” Harry asked, outraged that people had been forced
Harry Potter: Adoptive Kaiju - Chapter 25
Jet Jaguar eventually dropped the comatose basilisk in a deep cavern, then took Harry to the one place he’d been avoiding for years; the Monster Island Research Facility - still under construction, but outfitted with enough equipment to be a proper research lab. Each time an alien invasion had been thwarted, some of their technology had been recovered, and in the name of security most of it was housed on Monster Island. The general idea was that any thieves would have to risk drawing the ire of the inhabitants, a deterrent that had worked up to this point. The Xians in particular had parted with a great deal of technology as part of r
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Shin Godzilla Review - With ALL the Spoilers.
Last night I finally saw Shin Godzilla. I read multiple spoilers online because I couldn't stand the wait, but some of them were so bizarre that I wasn't entirely sure what to believe going into the theater. I'll start with the most common criticism: the movie spent way too much time focusing on bureaucracy. I know that this was meant to be a more "realistic" take on Godzilla, but the focus on red tape and backroom deals made it painfully realistic. And I don't mean painful in the "Oh, I feel for these people" way, but painful in the "When the skreonk will it end?" kind of way. If they really wanted the audience to focus on the people, then
Tomorrow night I finally get to watch Shin Godzilla. If even half the spoilers I've read are true, I expect to be both confused and inspired.
One more thing. It's probably obvious after all this time, but just in case it isn't, I don't have a copy of Photoshop anymore, so if you're following me for my edited images rather than my stories you're free to stop watching me. I won't take it per ...


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