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Gozer in the Marvel Cinematic universe
What if Gozer the Gozerian from Ghostbusters
Existed in the Marvel Cinematic universe
:icongojira012:Gojira012 1 6
Power Rangers Street Fighter Showdown Prequel
The news came on the and the Beautiful raven haired Asian Reporter spoke to the World Audience.
"This Trini Quan GNT News. The attack of Evil Power Ranger clones continues. The Appearance of this new Rita Repulsa has been devastating enough. But since her recent Partnership with Mysterious, Seemingly all powerful Dictator M.Bison, Things have gone from Bad to Worse. The Madman's demands are simple: Complete and Unconditional Surrender of the planet Earth to their Absolute Rule. And her I have  Tommy Oliver, Front runner in the attempts to stop them."
Tommy stood forward and said. "Thank you Trini. I have one thing to say...TO THAT BASTARD BISON! I Know You like to look at yourself on Television you peace of slime so...."
FANG. Patch us in now.
The video suddenly showed Bison's demonic smile on the screen.
"Dr. Oliver. Why do you address a Fellow Warrior with such disrespect?"
Tommy scoffed. "Warrior? You?! Do You have any idea what destruction you've caused.."
"Details, Details."
:icongojira012:Gojira012 3 1
MLP Striking Sword New Profile part 1
Name- Striking Sword
Age- Same as Shining Armor
Description- Unicorn Pony with spikey Jin Kazama/ Hiei type mane
Eyes- Blue that turn red with rage and hate.
Mark- Upright sword with Lightning bolts coming out the pointy end.
Special Talent- Fighting...Not Common in Equestria
Striking Sword is considered by many the Black Sheep of Canterlot and all of Equestria in general.
He's possessed of a hopelessly broken heart, Horrifically violent hair trigger temper, A painful past, A rage that just won't quit and near all consuming desire for Revenge against Shining Armor, Who he is convinced stole everything he ever dreamed of including his long hoped destined position of Captain and the love of Princess Cadence.
A member of a highly distinguished Knight family whose members have long served Canterlot and have always been Captain or Higher, While Shining and Twilight were born with most believing great things to come of them, Striking born with Great things DEMANDED of him.
From the earliest
:icongojira012:Gojira012 1 1
MLP Garble plotline
Ol' Garble's got a few problems.
He's been sent to Ponyville improve his shaping up by Ember or Else...which she hasn't thought up yet.
Now aside form the overly girly atmosphere and environment, Garble soon finds that's the least of his problems.
He's getting the stink eye from everyone from all his past misdeeds, Particulary Spike and friends, who agree not to tell his little sister Smolder(Come on people the writings bound to be on the wall) of their past run ins.
The residents of Ponyville are looking at him like he's from another planet or just plain criminal. He's stuck doing chores. He's getting bugged by his new self proclaimed pal Flash Sentry to be the first Dragon in the Knights, and Flash Magnus Himself is trying to get him to be his apprentice just because he was the one who originally found his shield ( Much to the Chagrin of a lot of other Knights who are Flash Magnus's fans. But as Magnus himself says, It's not a question of deserves it's a question of NEED!)
So far Gar
:icongojira012:Gojira012 2 10
Should the Batman/Catwoman wedding have happened
Ok we all know what ACTUALLY happened
But what would have happened if the wedding between Batman and Catwoman actually gone through?
Would Selina really have given up crime completely?
And if she had joined Batman and robin on the crusade how would bruce have outfitted her?
:icongojira012:Gojira012 0 7
Ms. Ultimate Olympia Contest
Ms. Ultimate Olympia
A new Contest on a far Grander Stage where the Greatest of Women bodybuilding champions who have dedicated their lives to working towards building their bodies to the goal of perfect combination of Beauty, Muscle, grace and symmetry
The Winner is presented with a tiara, Huge trophy, Medal, sash, Commerative Sword, 2 million dollars and the all coveted title of Ms. Ultimate Olympia
Host- Cory Everson
Co Host- Kiana Tom
Contest roster:
Aleesha Young
Selma Labat
Fabiola Boulanger
Christine Boudreau
Iris Kyle
Lenda Murray
Vickie Gates
Kim Chizevsky
Lisa Geisbert
Carmen Brady
Alina Popa
Bonnie Priest
Brenda Raganot
Debi Laszewski
Suzanne Germano
Laura Crevalle
Paula Suzuki
Amy Pazzo
Lesa Lewis
Lisa Bailey
Nursel Gurler
Yaxeni Orquen
Cathy LeFrancious
Olga Pusanova
Rosemary Jennings
Jitka Harzamovia
Irene Anderson
Tonya Knight
Marina Lopez
Betty Parsio
Judy Millar
Joanna Thomas
Carmen Brady
Hayley Mcneff
Emma sue
Vickie Nixon
*note all the contestants are in the peak and
:icongojira012:Gojira012 3 2
Equestria girls Skull island Rescue Concept
Equestria girls world
Skull Island
Twilight, Spike, Garble and Flash Sentry dragged themselves to shore after Garble and Flash managed to save Twilight and Spike from the Gyrosphere in the ocean.
"Not that I don't mind the Rescue guys." Spike cried. "BUT WHAT ARE YOU? CRAZY! YOU GUYS ARE NOT ACTION HEROES YOU ARE NOT INVINCIBLE!"
"Oh I Don't know." Flash Sentry said casually. "I probably got All American Boy next door luck. Garble's probably got Scoundral's Luck." Garble was offended. "What do You mean SCOUNDRALS LUCK?! I have you I have studied all the Greats. Van Damn, Ralph Maccio, G I Joe, Rambo, Chuck Norris. I studied ALL Their skills."
Of Course Twilight had no interest in this pointless debate. She was far too busy realizing they had been had. "Where's Rarity, Dash and the others?" Spike asked. "Low lives took 'em it was a setup!" Garble growled. "Can we still track Kong?" Spike asked. "Not anymore." Flash informed them as looked at the remains of his tracker.
"It was a Lie!" T
:icongojira012:Gojira012 0 3
Marvel Equestria girls Get Striking 6
Frostine's Kingdom, Equestria girls world
Guest room
Cadence had just got done applying the ice pack Spike's black eye and was now examining the finger marks on Twilight's neck. Both were gifts from Striking Sword earlier when they Cap, Black Widow and Okoye had located him here at Frostine's hidden Kingdom to try to get him to help against Thanos after...Cadence felt her heart break all over again remembering Shining Armor just disappearing before her's and Flurry's eyes.
It had been made worse by the absolute horror...How, after a particulary violent fight with Cap, Striking lung for Twily's throat and pinned her to a wall, Yelling how since h couldn't be the one to finish off Shining Armor, He'd settle for the satisfaction of shutting up Her. Then Spike went her rescue only for Striking to viciously elbow him in the gut and  backhand him right in the face. Cadence had never imagined Striking had fallen so far. That he had become so violent. Just how long had..
That was when Str
:icongojira012:Gojira012 3 5
Already an Earth Where DC and MArvel Coexist
Evidently there has indeed already been an Earth Where DC and Marvel coexisted
Crossover Earth
Or As Marvel calls it Earth 7642
Now just out of Curiosity
Who wonders how the History of this particular Earth Worked if ever brought up again?
:icongojira012:Gojira012 2 1
Ace Ventrua Jurassic World Ace vs Mills
Lockwood Estate
Ruined! Mills seethed as he got the Indominus bone into the Car the as the escaped Dinosaurs thundered around him.
He still had the bone. He could still make something work he thought as he sped off.
A pack of Compies scurried from the front door...With Ace Ventura right behind them!
Ace spotted Mills driving off. No way was that scum getting away.
Ace searched any vehicle he could find for a key to no avail. But then he heard a growl. Ace grinned and spied the very, VERY large container marked Isla Sorna.
Mills had a smug grin on his face as he drove off. He would have liked to have made sure Dearing, Grady and that Freakshow Ventura got eaten but now was not the time to...
Mills looked in the rearview mirror and his jaw dropped.
The Spinosaurus!
It was loose....And With Ace Ventura a willing passenger on the back of it's neck.
Ace grinned and laugh.
Mills t
:icongojira012:Gojira012 4 5
Marvel Equestria Girls Garble and Deadpool
Mutant/Superhuman Correctional facility.
"I TOLD 'EM I WASN'T SUPPOSE TO BE IN HERE!" Garble yelled in anger and exasperation.
"I Know Garble. I know." Said the Lawyer who was helping him.
For those of you curious.
Garble's in the Icebox because 20 pounds of Donkey crud in a 1 pound bag of mutant hating sleaze named Crighton Creed, Got him thrown into the Icebox prison with Deadpool and Russel/Firefist after the Disaster at the Mutant Essex house. Garble had stumbled upon Creed Secretly running the Essex house with the Creepshow head master there. So naturally Creed used the circumstances to get Garble tossed in with them as an accomplice. Even though he had no mutant powers.
Fortunately for him however, the Lawyer talking to him at the moment had managed to get the bogus charges cleared up and prove Garble's innocence. The Lawyer was also none other than Jennifer Walters, The She-Hulk.
"In fact." She-Hulk told him. "The authorities backed Colossus on you being innocent. The Rea
:icongojira012:Gojira012 2 0
Kim and Lenda Posedown Showdown
Unknown Location
In her own Personal Pumproom, clad in her signature dark posing suit, Women's bodybuilding champion Kim Chizevsky pumped out serious reps with two heavy dumbbells up and down in a double arm curls workout. Kim was like a machine. A look of pure seriousness on her strong beautiful face as each rep pumped any last minute power to already indescribable, incredible muscular physique. This was a big one she told herself.
down the hall in her own personal pumproom, Woman's bodybuilding Champion Lenda Murray herself up and down on a chin up bar. A stunning and incredible sight with fluid motion and virtually seemed no effort. But Lenda could feel the strain. This was one that required she be at her absolute best.
Kim switched to a serious crunching sit ups routine. She was taking this with absolute seriousness.
Lenda pushed out a large number of Push ups. One would think she truly could push the world down.
Kim's bench press routine was sight to
:icongojira012:Gojira012 6 2
MARVEL Equestria Girls Help the Needy
Equestria Girls world
NYC Community Center.
Sad fact of Life there was a lot of Homeless people .
Especially in Manhattan.
Fortunately, the Feast organization was one of the few making the extra effort to provide shelter, bedding, education and employment help for those in need. The Basketball court was a maze of makeshift bunkbeds, Picnic table, and sitting areas.
the unfortunate were busy reading, playing board games, searching the want ads with desperate looks in their eyes. Sadly there was a lot more than most people would have wanted to see at the shelter.
So of course there were also Volunteer services. In particular was Twilight, Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Spike and the rest of the gang. Led by Peter Parker who was of Course, The Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman.
See Peter's Aunt May and Sunset's mother Sunrise had taken jobs at FEAST, So Sunset and Peter often volunteered to help.
Spike and Garble walked exasperated out of one room that was trying to help those who had been out on
:icongojira012:Gojira012 1 0
MLP Garble Finds out Chrysalis
Chrysalis latest Hideout
Garble's been rumbling with Chrysalis and everyone watching
Garble- OH HO! FICTION CAN BE FUN! But even I, Myself find the reference section more enlightening  these days. For instance, If you were to look up the term (shout this into Chrysalis ear) HUNG UP! You might read about a former Princess of love named Princess Crystal, Who despite being such, Found out the stallion she'd been crushing on loved someone else. WHAT YOU WOULD NOT READ ABOUT IS HOW PRINCESS CRYSTAL LOST HER MIND WAS COMMITTED TO A MENTAL INSTITUTION...Which I'm quite shocked you all have here...ONLY TO ESCAPE AND DABLE IN DARK ARTS EVENTUALLY TURNING HERSELF INTO THE TWISTED BUG WITCH WE ALL KNOW OF TODAY!!!
Garble pointing at Chrysalis- CHRYSALIS IS PRINCESS CRYSTAL!!! She's not an actual changeling, She's a corrupted alicorn princess turned part way Changeling monster!
Chrysalis- GRRRR!
:icongojira012:Gojira012 1 1
Master Morpher Selection
Dragon Ranger (Original Green Ranger)
Ryuuseiranger from Dairanger
Ninja blue from Kakuranger
Zeo Gold Ranger
:icongojira012:Gojira012 1 0
Satin Steele Rivals 2
Maria Garcia- A raven haired, Breathtakingly Gorgeous, muscular beauty from Mexico, Maria is an absolute head turner who unfortunately for the men meet her devotedly in love with her equally muscular husband. A professional of many types of dancing, Maria is truly at home on the stage and isn't afraid to show off her muscles and be playful with her beauty. She welcomes the opportunity to match muscles with the best in the world.
Posing suit- Black with white patterns.
Rosemary Vasquez- Rosemary hails from Jamaica, where her victories in the contests there heated up the islands more than the sun. Rosemary's powerful physique began when she was a champ in powerlifting and further training and refinement molded her into perfectly defined muscle. Now she aims for the Ms. Ultima
Posing suit gold
Tarna Anderson-  Tarna is a single mother who, fed up with the shape she was in, turned to exercise and thanks to her unexpectedly good genes, Turned herself into a woman of pure muscle and con
:icongojira012:Gojira012 2 0


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United States
After much thought the only way I can figure to save DC's Movie series is for it to have it's own Movie studio like Marvel does.

You thoughts friends?


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Leviarex Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Here's an idea concerning Striking Sword I'm sure you'll find interesting:

While Spike, Garble, and the mane six are tied up in another dimension, a new threat to Equestria is soon to emerge. This prompts him (with Scorpan's help ) to form an able bodied team of his own consisting of Ponies and other sentient creatures he hasn't wronged, are willing to believe he's changed, and therefore are open to working with him. They include Iron Will the Minotaur, a male Kirin, Doctor Hooves, and Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops.
Gojira012 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
sounds interesting

what's the threat and who's the other cast
Leviarex Featured By Owner 2 days ago
The threat is Grogar ( albeit with a completely different history than what's told in 'A Flurry Of Emotions'. As for the other members of the team, I'm thinking Pharynx and a few Dragons Ember has spared.
Gojira012 Featured By Owner 1 day ago

is frostine involved
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Christopia1984 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
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I'd love to read your thoughts on my latest meme.
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You gotta continue the Ace Ventura in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom series. I love it!!! :-)
Leviarex Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018
Care to give me your thoughts on my latest filled out meme?
Gojira012 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018
only if a better styled ppg rrb Megas and samurai jack involved
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