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I think this is a really well put together birthday present! Vision looks good. Originally is decent. Technique is definitely spot on a...

This is not too bad TalesOfNightWing, not too bad at all. The makeup looks really good! I like it. The drawing itself on the side looks...

My, oh my! This is truly one of the most coolest and best artwork on Link I've seen in a long time! The background of the ground and th...

Holy crap! This is pretty good logo Phoenix! I know I already said it on FB but I'm sure you wouldn't mind if I gave it a review. The a...

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I cannot believe it's been over 10 months since my last "Tags of Kindness" post and I've gotten quite a lot of interesting people following me now. For those who may not remember what the Tags of Kindness are, here's a description: it is where you can tag any many people as you want and you have to say the kindest things you can think of. Unlike most tag posts, you can decide how many or little you want to tag. The people you tag have the option to do the same if they wish. I personally do encourage those who've been tag to do so just to spread some much needed positivity and plus, every little kind thing you say makes the biggest of difference to someone. It's what's worked for me when I do this.

Also, if people don't like being tagged, feel free to note me I will remove it if you want. Just wanted to put it out there. Also if anyone wanted to be tagged, let me know.

:iconalyssagojigeek101: - You make some very interesting videos particularly your perspective on being a female Godzilla fan. I am sorry that most of your family don't share your fascination with Godzilla as much as I and many others in the fandom do and how you've dealt with people making fun of you as well because of your interests. I am glad you've found friendships within the kaiju community so you aren't as lonely as before. I like the positivity you've been spreading on Facebook, very kind of you to do so! Congratulations on reaching 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube page! You deserve it! :thumbsup: :)

:iconsnazzychapeau: - You got some very interesting and insightful videos Omni, both the videos on news with Godzilla, the MonsterVerse, your reviews and your "Author's Take On..." videos as well. I also think you are a decent artist in your own way. In regards to your many opinions on all things Godzilla related, I do agree with you that Shin Godzilla isn't that great. Before I found out about you, I honestly thought I was the only person who didn't love Shin Godzilla as much as many other fans and I was a little nervous about speaking my mind on it out of concern that people would say things like "how dare you not like Shin Godzilla" and being called "Not a real fan". After seeing your videos on Shin Godzilla, I became more open to sharing my own honest thoughts about Shin Godzilla and to my experience, people have been fine with me thinking it's overrated. I think you are a pretty cool guy and I want to thank you for adding some fan art I made of you, Snazzy and some of your Daikaiju from your book Operation: Red Dragon - The Daikaiju Wars Part 1 to your favorites. I haven't found enough time to finish reading it but I did enjoy the prologue. Hopefully I'll find the perfect time to finish reading your novel and share my overall thoughts on it. Keep up the terrific work you've been doing and stay awesome!

:iconjust-a-r0b0t: - Hope you don't mind being tagged Just A Robot. The very first one I watched was your video "Lily Peet Doesn't Understand Why People Don't Like Her" back in 2017 before you got hacked from your 1st channel. I really enjoy your videos on a lot of things, it made it easier to listen to some political videos when you're still doing those at the time because I did had similar opinions on topics you talked about. I really like the power-scaling videos as well and the other videos about some YouTubers not understanding this other YouTuber. I think you've definitely improved on your content and I personally don't mind listening your robot voice. Thanks for including my fanart of yourself on YouTube and a big thanks for the watch too! I didn't expect that but I appreciate it. I hope you keep making great content! 

:iconchrisufray: - Hey man, first of all, thanks for favoriting my artwork! I appreciate it! You make amazing vectors on many kaiju and many other creatures! I hope to see more vectors from you in the near future and beyond!! :D

:iconmlp-silver-quill: - Hello Silver Quill! It was super-duper awesome to meet you twice now! First at Crystal Mountain Pony Con and again at Everfree Northwest! Getting to be silly and goofy with you during those times were a blast. It was great to go to all of your panels and me and my brothers had a fun time at those panels! Hope you've been good after hearing you got the con crud. My brother and I always enjoy your videos, whether they be reviews on MLP episodes, the supplement videos that accompanied them, or even your videos discussing various Jungian archetypes about each individual character and their shadow counterparts. Plus shenanigans with either Dr. Wolf and/or Firebrand are always hilarious. Thanks for all the joy and humor you've provided for all of us. 

:icondawillstanator: - Hey DaWillstanator, you are a fantastic voice actor and singer as well! It was a tremendous pleasure and honor to meet you and everyone in person back at Crystal Mountain Pony Con. I'm glad you liked the pixelated artwork I made of yourself and your pony OC. From the conversations we had at CMPC, I think you are an awesome person to talk to. I enjoyed your impromptu video about Epic Rap Battles of History, I like that series as well. I also liked your Moment With Dr. Wolf video because I could relate to it. Last thing to say, I really liked what you had to say about MLP finally announcing it's end, it was very heartwarming and much better than my own two cents on that matter. Keep doing what you do! :salute:

:iconslickframe: - It was quite interesting meeting you back at Everfree Northwest. I've listened to your impressions of Mario and Luigi and I think they're pretty good! I also found the video of you and :iconlittleblackraencloud: on YouTube, I left a comment on there. Hope you're doing well!

:iconcaptainsguiggle: - Hey there! You got some really cool artwork on many Marvel characters and many more! I also find your Star-Lady cosplay to be really sweet! Hope you're doing well CaptainSquiggle! I hope you are having a terrific day so far! :)

That's it for Round 12 of The Tags of Kindness! :)


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Matt Entenman
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United States
Hey there! I'm Gojilion91, but you can just call me Matt if you like, either way works :). Here's a little bit about myself: I am a big fan of a lot of movies, TV shows, video games and YouTube videos.

I am an artist who does both traditional drawings with paper and pencil as well as digital paint (I use MS Paint in case if you were wondering). I mostly make kaiju as well as non-kaiju monsters, dinosaurs and other types of creatures but every once in a while, I will draw other things to expand my capabilities as an artist.

I am also a Christian.

I am very compassionate about several other things and I am an honest, kind and gentle person, I like to chat with people and try to enjoy the good moments while I can since nothing lasts forever. I also like to make people laugh or cheer them up when given the circumstances. I am also a Brony. I hope you guys enjoy the drawings, the occasional photos and other artwork that I post here. And if you watch me or give me a llama, I'll definitely give you llama badges and I might watch you in return!

I also would appreciate it if you don't steal my artwork. Ever.



I also have Discord as well. Feel free to say hi on there just note me if you like check it out.

Feel free to comment and/or note me to chat! I look forward to that! :)

My Favorites:
:iconkaijusamurai: :icontalesofnightwing: :iconalexvoicer001: :iconjoshscorcher: :iconmlp-silver-quill: :icondrwolf010: :icondaizua123: :iconbozzerkazooers: :iconkingshisa08: :icondawillstanator: :iconsnazzychapeau: :iconalyssagojigeek101:

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<a href="……

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