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Bon voyage, crouton! by GojiBob
On September 8th, I'll be leaving my little Florida home and be going to Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois for Navy boot camp so that I'll have a fakin' job and be makin' bank. So, what does this all actually mean?

:bulletgreen: I'll be gone for approximately 8 weeks and be graduating boot camp on October 31st.
:bulletgreen: During those 8 weeks I will have absolutely no online presence. Which means no art and not a single word from me during that time.
:bulletgreen: Even after graduating boot camp, chances are that my online presence will be extremely limited as I'll be going to 'A' School at Naval Air Station Meridian, Mississippi for my job training which will last about 6 weeks.
:bulletgreen: What happens after 'A' School is still kind of a mystery to me. I'm assuming I might get 2 weeks of 'leave' or something and then get deployed for 6 months or more.

So wish me the best of luck, guys n' gals. I'm really gonna need it. :iconsaluteplz:

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Bro, Y U DO DIS :icondolanplz:

Oh well, I went through it bro. Just don't give up, no matter how shitty it gets :iconcryforeverplz:.
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Shitstorm2 by GojiBob